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Is McGhee going through a depression?

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They are releasing alot of games, but their sales are always way way below 1 million.

Persona 4 may be different but even then it took a long time to get high numbers. So I am curios how can they be so profitable, because from what I heard they are actually doing pretty good. They sell some niche products and if we compare their sales to what western publishers would expect from a game they seem to be doing pretty bad, but that is not the case, and they always turn a profit.

I know that releasing on handhelds will keep costs down, but they still have a lot of voice acting in some of the games aswell as high production values.

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This youtube video will shed light on the age old question: Who would win in a knife vs bat fight?

My choice was always the bat, and this video confirms it.

As you can see, the robber had no chance in front of the mighty bat.

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yo, fuck this game hard on its asshole