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Write down everything you think up...even if it just a blurb of an idea. I tend to write out some ideas I have while playing games, like an armchair game designer. Go for it, the worst that will happen is that you waste some paper/hard drive space.

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@Rekt_Hed: Yea but the only difference between AC and ME is that ME 3 was a conclusion to a story, wherever they go from this point in the ME universe they got no choice to 'go boldly into a new frontier' (Yea I probably got that wrong but f #ck it :p) hopefully with a new main character that is inspired by Shepard and not his/her kid.

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Awesome story patrick and much love to all involved.

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Replaying a game a number of times is nothing short of pure fan love.

as far as my own fan love:

-The First two Mass Effects like 10 times and counting

-Devil May Cry 3 & 4 twice a piece

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They should let ME die for a little while, three is the end of an era for them, work on something new and have the Dragon Age team work on the next ME game in a few years when the new console are all out in the prime OR let like DICE take a shot at it with a first person parkour.....comedy...thing :p

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I'm surprised no one has extrapolated the 'Thanix Cannon' response even more, or maybe I haven't read the entire thread :p

Sovereign being defeated wasn't supposed to happen, by achieving said goal, technology and weaponry got a bit of a jump start, as evidence by EDI and the Thanix Cannon. Even with this tech however, it's a matter of adapting Reaper tech (which is vastly more advanced than the rest of the galaxy, considering they built the Mass Relays etc, etc) to the current tech and weaponry of this cycle(which I don't think reached Prothean level yet) which gave them a better chance but not enough to win the battle alone.

Like i said, I didn't see anyone say this specifically so I decided to add my two cents, now someone add or subtract 98 more cents and we got a dollar :p

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Considering that entire ME trilogy is about the choices you make as your version of Shepard, a recap isn't going to help you. You should move on for now, then come back when you got time and play the entire trilogy or do it now play something else later. Your Choice!

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the facebook things was to give Femshep a more designed look rather than a quick randomized swipe of the character creator like the first two version of her went. Everything that has happened to her design from that point wad cause of us, since we loved Femshep so much and we wanted her to get as much attention as the Broshep, or Dudeshep or my favorite one ManShep.

I happen to like the Ashley redesign, even if it just her bun being undone but that could be more with her new position, she's basically what Shepard was in the first ME, which means she can loosen up on the regs....just a tad.

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*Raises Hand*

I thought this topic was about Tali too....back to the matter at hand

I never use default faces for any of my shep and I got one for every class.

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knock this ish off people! is it so hard to believe that a woman wouldn't want to dress up while off duty? I mean you're complaining about a dress?!? come the F&@K! on