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I'm near the end of the my first playthrough and I'm missing like half of my social links (got all the obvious ones but missing the sees crew and fortune), I can appreciate all the pacing of P4 more after playing P3P....that being said I will be playing for a second time. Everyone else said it best it is slog through the first half of the story unlike P4, but P3P has that awesome skill card system (I have not picked up a vita so I have not played P4G, kinda wishing they would just make it cross play/buy for the PS3 since I don't think I'll playing anything else on that system) and when the story does pick up oh boy does it throw some sh!t at you.

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Just his response to the bird attack...the anger at getting freakin hilarious!

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if you farmed the bosses you got legendaries, I managed to snag at least 6 in my two playthroughs...but then again I look at the wiki and vids to see where to get the legendaries.

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I had heard the oxygen mechanic was implemented solely so they could govern the butt stomp ability, people won't abuse it if it's tied to oxygen. I'm of the opinion that this will do well because number one not everyone has jump on the new console bandwagon so they wants some new hotness besides P4AU and number two destiny does not scratch that itch properly from all the talk on the bombcast and well borderlands is the FPS RPG Loot Game done well.

I gotta copy in the mail from gamefly on the way so I'm all about it

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@ballisticbooger: it may not be exclusively about video games in your sense of the phrase Video Games but it is about the culture we all enjoy!

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Write down everything you think up...even if it just a blurb of an idea. I tend to write out some ideas I have while playing games, like an armchair game designer. Go for it, the worst that will happen is that you waste some paper/hard drive space.

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@Rekt_Hed: Yea but the only difference between AC and ME is that ME 3 was a conclusion to a story, wherever they go from this point in the ME universe they got no choice to 'go boldly into a new frontier' (Yea I probably got that wrong but f #ck it :p) hopefully with a new main character that is inspired by Shepard and not his/her kid.

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Awesome story patrick and much love to all involved.

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Replaying a game a number of times is nothing short of pure fan love.

as far as my own fan love:

-The First two Mass Effects like 10 times and counting

-Devil May Cry 3 & 4 twice a piece

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They should let ME die for a little while, three is the end of an era for them, work on something new and have the Dragon Age team work on the next ME game in a few years when the new console are all out in the prime OR let like DICE take a shot at it with a first person parkour.....comedy...thing :p