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House of Cards is great.

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@Humanity said:

@AndyAce83: You can't lend your friends any of your pc games either and hardly anyone ever complains about that.

Ahh, thank you. You gave me another reason why console playin is/was better than PC gaming. I only play SC2 on PC and you are right, I dont think I could have leaned that game away. But once upon a time you could. Since I havent been a PC gamer in many years I cant say when this happened. Please share if you know when PC games couldnt be shared.

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I dont buy used games, but this means that I cant borrow games from or to other to, right? That´s nonsense.

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According to most vampire lore, vampires came into existence after Jesus was born (about the time of Dracula). Others say that vampires react in the same way to all symbols who are called sacred/holy/good (sort of like a metaphor for atheists). Then of course there are those lores where Vampires dont react to the cross at all (i.e Anne Rice and true blood (to my recollection)).

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I aint morally outraged by this article on GiantBomb. It´s more a deep sigh and eye roll of “Oh come on… really? REALLY?”

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Oh man, this thread is going to be a fucking minefield.

To give the most PC answer I can and thus avoid the fucking wrath of the entire progressive movement, I'll just say that I don't think having overt sexual tones and themes is appropriate for any children's show. Now when you say children's show I'm assuming you mean shit like Sesame Street or cartoons like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You know, programming for an audience of 0-10. Maybe that makes me some kind of prude but I know for a fact I don't want my nine year old sister knowing about men putting their bell ends in women, much less men putting their bell ends in other men just yet.


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A good fan (amateur) movie, but as most fan (amateur) movies the pacing is off (kind of boring at times; The intro never ended). I remember seeing a fan made resident evil video once. IT was very pulp fiction like. I think I liked that one. I never found it again. If anyone know where I can find it please tell :-)

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"If it's yellow, let it mellow." What the hell does that mean? Have people been to public toilets? That smell is yellow being mellow.

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@hughesman: Yes. But also I think its important to note that the Big Bang Theory is not hateful either. Its not making cruel fun of nerds, but making jokes at character flaws mixed with sympathetic sides. I dont think that show makes fun of nerds, more than the Simpsons makes fun of males or women or children or scottish people. To make a show funny one needs character flaws. That is what comedy is all about.

But the show is not just about the jokes. Like the show Friends, people keep watching cuz they like the characters. This guy is way of into Whiney-Town, Population: FU!