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Awesome! hopefully they'll release a console version later (and hopefully it'll run better than EU and EW did on PS3) also what's up with that weird snake alien?, though I do like the new humanoid looking sectoids.

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Seems like wating for the GOTY/Complete... sorry Komplete edition is for the best, you get 90$ worth of content for 60$ and all you have to do is wait a year or so.

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Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem looks super weird, not what I was expecting from when they announced that, not saying it looks bad or anything but I dunno it doesn't look like any of the games are crossing over more like we took the weirdest things from both, still is one of the few games that makes me want to buy a Wii U but that thing isn't coming anytime soon, so let's wait and see.

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@chaser324: yeah I should've figured by know, I kept thinking one would give me something cool, but it seems to only matter for the mission rank.

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@theblue: I like to use Trey for the long range he's one of my favorites, you can get pretty easy killsights with him, I also like to use Carter but don't know how to use King with all that reloading stuff he does. I guess I should take a look arround those shops in the small towns in the overworld so far the only weapons I have are the silver grade ones you can buy in the school armory. by the way how imporant are the secret orders? I only go for the ones I know for sure can complete, but maybe I should try to go for most of them? I think the risk of lossing a character is too high just to get some lousy item at the end of the mission I don't know.

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Hey there, is anybody playing this? a friend lent me his game because apparently all he wanted was the FFXV Demo, but Type-0 is actually a pretty good game if you're willing to overlook some of it's the technical problems. I´m at the begining of chapter 4 and that last mission was pretty rough and I had at least 5 characters in the level required but that didn't matter at the end of the mission. I would like to know how do you guys handle leveling up all 14 characters, do you just grind with all of them on mission days? I find it pretty overwhelming, also there's at least a couple of characters that I just don't like/ don't know how to use (no, not the flute girl from the quick look, she's actually pretty good if you let the AI buff you) mostly the twin pistols guy (King) and the slow-ass samurai sword guy.

So you guys got any tips we can share?

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I always hear Mass Effect music in procedual crime shows promos, there's one for a show called crossing lines and everytime I hear it makes me want to go back and play the Lair of the Shadow Broker mission.

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I wonder how the camera will handle when you like fall of a cliff or you bike, you can get in some crazy rolling spins before you die, the camera is gonna follow all of that? and when you jump an falll I wanna see if you face face really stays in the pavement, that was one of my favorite things to do in GTA V just pressing x and then square.

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Great! I thought I would never get to play this

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I feel like this E3 all the companies had great showings, there's no particular moment you can say "that really sucked", all of them where about games some of them in very early state sure but they all showed a lot of games and several exclusives, I think is a matter of wich ones you like the most... few awkward moments in the conferences definetively helped as well as not going into peripherals, services and motion controls.

I don't know if that means that we won't get a "best of E3 2014" video from @turboman