Video Game characters on facebook

So this week I was browsing the web and came across these photos:


One thing I'm not sure about is whether the first set of photos are from real accounts or not. 
What I found kinda strange is that there are several accounts on from game characters. Is this a new trend? For whatever reason, most of them are set to private, but here are some public ones I found.  



Video Game toys! (pics inside)

I just felt like taking a few of these out and displaying them around my house.

You can search youtube if you're interested in making these Lego 8 bit figures of NES characters. You may also notice that Soundwave is in the background, but I'll leave that for a different update. Unfortunately I didn't have enough pieces to complete Samus legs, but you get the idea

  The one on the left here is Kirby. Pink legos aren't very abundant so I ended up using white pieces.