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Who did they got Seth Morris to do Bob Ducca?

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I have made a number of purchases based off of Quicklooks of games he was really enthusiastic about. He got me to go from 0 to 60 on games in terms of interest, most notably Civ 5, XCom, Saints Row the 3rd, Sleeping Dogs and Hotline Miami.

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For the past two days, I've come to this page repeatedly because this just doesn't seem real. I didn't think there was much more I could say that hasn't been said better by others, but I wanted the GB crew to know how much I appreciated how they, and Ryan in particular, went about their work. I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope you can take solace in how many of the people here are grateful for having had you guys around and are truly saddened by his passing.

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This year is the first of my 'take the week off during E3' vacations. 3 years of trying to follow the press conferences and read the news at work is a thing of the past.

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Having finally just finished the fifth book in A song of Ice and Fire and having nowhere to turn to in order to get my medieval-era aristocratic marriage politicking, I think I'll make this my first funding effort on Kickstarter. It also helps that it mentions X-Com and that Patrick's dive into Fire Emblem and FF Tactics made me want to try a genre I was previously uninterested in.

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Due to the limited size of the city, I decided to start a second city to support my first. The game started to crash, so I decided to switch servers from Europe to North America (I don't even know why they assigned me to Europe in the first place). Upon doing that, I've lost my first city and can't get back onto the European server to see if that's the reason. Nothing they've done to "support" the players as they claim has been particularly helpful.

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China. They don't care, apparently.

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@Shimastu said:

You can go with Comics. Like The Avengers or the Justice League but not their alter egos but their real names aka Bruce Wayne Clark Kent Hal Jordon etc. There are plenty of comic book teams you can make into xcom squads.

I did this. I started with the Avengers using their real names and their alter egos as nicknames and found it surprisingly apt for the game. Only Thor Odinson has stumped me on the nickname. I'm at the point where I have so many guys, that I've just gone on to include Xmen and other Marvel properties and the lone DC character, Batman.

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Man, I missed all of that. I had the conference on mute every time they finished with the game demos and only turned it back on when I saw devs walking out on stage.

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This was a terrible week for my PC to die...