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Depends on the day. Sometimes, I'll listen to an album's songs out of order, but will eventually hit every song. Sometimes, I pick and choose. Sometimes, I listen to the whole damn thing.

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@Meteora: Ironically, the right to protest makes protesting completely and totally obsolete. Peaceful protest is useless since it's allowed and therefore is commonplace, and violent protest is seen as unlawful by the people not protesting. Ironically, whenever a protest happens in America, be it violent or non-violent, a passer-by will be on the side of the government automatically because of this.
Whether or not the founding fathers were this perceptive, I don't know. If so, they were dictatorial minds that knew how to dictate right.
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I@DrGanon said:

" Why bother protesting? Have hippies ever accomplished anything by doing this? No. God I hate hippies. If only I had a drill like Cartman. "
You can't win a protest with guitars. Only explosives. Ghandi's peaceful protest only worked because the people that were protesting were getting their asses kicked by British occupation forces. There has to be struggle for a protest to have any meaning; peaceful protest is an oxymoron.
I don't know much about G20 at all. In fact, this is the first I've heard of it, seeing as I don't have cable and therefore don't watch the news. But, if they're doing something wrong, then protest is a good thing. Senselessly breaking shit, though, isn't really precise use of force.
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You know, I've never actually done . . . that . . . with a sex doll, but I don't see how it would be that appealing.

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Anyone else watching the documentary on Rush tonignt on vh1? Being a big rush fan myself, i would, but since I work overnight, I have to record it.

If you are a Rush fan, you don't work overnight. You "Fly By Night"! "
They call him the workin' man. "
You're funnier than me, boo! Touché! "
He really put you in the limelight.. "
Hey now, he chose a path that's clear. He chose freewill.
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I'd probably say Oblivion.
I can't really think of another sequel that totally disappointed me, but Oblivion was a let down. I still played it a lot, but it lost so much of what made Morrowind one of my favorite games. It tried to be an action RPG too much, in my opinion, with poor results. I mean, Morrowind's action was horrible in terms of action games, but it wasn't about that, so it was alright. Oblivion tried to make it about that too much, and ended up missing the point to me.

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I'd say I had similar feelings towards RDR. I mean, I looked at it and saw it as fairly consistently alright. Presentation was really good, but as far as the gameply goes, it seemed like there was a lot to do, but that none of it was all that compelling. 
Though, I didn't see it as something I should like, since I figured that this is another case of people suckling at Rockstar's teat. I haven't been a big fan of them since San Andreas.

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The 360 looks about as similar to an Apple product as a Wii in my eyes. So, no. I think it's just modern design trends, not "copying".

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My brother bought it when I was at my dad's house, so I only got like 6 hours of play time. I didn't do much story stuff, but I didn't really care for the free roaming aspects of the game.

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@robownz7 said:
" how are farts not something you enjoy setting on fire? "
Or your enemies? I love setting fire to my enemies.