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The "I think MGS1 is the worst" to "MGS2 made me stop playing games for an extended period of time" to "hey I'm about to launch into MGS3" is an odd progression. You don't have to finish the series. Really.

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@anund said:

I get the feeling this is a terrible movie being defended out of principle. It's just the natural counter position to the initial, unwarranted hate because the main characters were all female.

I kind of feel so as well. I get why people are so annoyed with the worst of that response because it does suck but for some it's definitely a cause to rally behind. Stuff like this:

I'll see it at some point, rare I go to the theaters at all anymore. For me just a basic vibe I got off this remake was it even having any sarcastic or awkward jokes of the type Wig specializes in when the original movie is really basically an adventure movie with some humorous moments and tone. Personally I love both the originals (2 is underrated!) but don't even see a sacred thing about it at this point

Personally these reboots or remakes don't really bother me, I just let them pass by.

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@odinsmana said:

@artisanbreads: I definetly agree with you about Syanna. It really felt like I was supposed to sympatize with her (especially since the "best" ending requires her surviving and apparently getting off scot free (which I actually think is kind of crappy)). As others have mentioned they did such a better job of that with Olgierd, but I also found Detlaff to be a pretty sympatetich character so even within the DLC I felt like they did a better job.

Yeah I think that's a terrible. I'll happily take my "bad" ending she got what she deserved after she got all those people in the city murdered, never mind all the people that would've ended up getting killed or just killed herself when she tried to take over.

Detlaff is more sympathetic yeah but to me he was just too dangerous to be able to be manipulated so easily. I think his character is developed in a better way but ultimately to me it is basically established he is a monster and has a weird relationship with humans. Where Regis operates alongside mortals Detlaff was always feeling a step above and so he could go too far. He basically just uses all the people of Beaclair as hostages and then executes them to suit his needs which won't fly with me.

The hints of vampire society and relationships was interesting. Shades of Vampire: The Masquerade.

Ultimately all the murders are terrible and horrifying until its her sister (who yes happens to be cursed but then again so was Detlaff and a number of other monsters in the series) then it's just okay. It's hypocrisy. I'll take my bad ending and justice.

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@thebipsnbeeps: Fair enough, different tastes. I find I'm in the minority disliking a lot of Kanye's recent output. I can like some E-40 for sure just couldn't fuck with this one.

I've grown to like just about every track on the album listening to it more. I think it has a dark tone but is very enjoyable and bombastic with energy when it wants to be (even if the joy is aimed at basically classic West Coast gang banging which I am perfectly happy with). I'm impressed how complete of an album it is, rare in much Hip-Hop these days. Q has incredible flow and delivery and has some great lyrics on here. He does hooks really well too.

For me, it's up there with Malibu by Anderson .Paak from early in the year, which I love. Q appeared on that album and .Paak is on this one so that's a cool connection.

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@dudeglove: I'm really in agreement with you on your points but to me it's really a time and content issue only. I trust CDPR a lot after Witcher 2 and 3 and I think they had grand ambitions hear and really nailed it if not fully developed it how you would a full game... certainly understandable. Witcher 3 proper was so massive.

All the characters could have used more time and maybe with more time I could feel sympathy for Syanna like it seems to me was intended but as is it was all a little more black and white, cut and dry. Really, it reminds me a bit more of all other RPGs in the market in content level and time spent with your characters developing them which makes it less than Witcher 3 proper but still great.

I loved it but you can see the seams a bit on it all. Just really because Witcher 3 set such a high bar. But the content is great and I think the new progression elements also add a lot to the game package since by the end the progression in Witcher 3 really becomes unrewarding IMO. I think the progression of your character was the game's biggest flaw but the DLCs did a lot to address that for me.

I loved coming back to this game for another 70 hours with the DLC. I feel a little sad now thinking about it being over.

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@slag said:
@spaceinsomniac said:
@sloppydetective said:

So disagreeing with a friend is much different than disagreeing with a stranger anonymously on the internet; so I think comparing the two is dubious. But I do agree with gamers being overly sensitive. I wasn't a part of online communities in the early 2000's/late 90's, so I can't speak to the difference from now a days. I think some of it probably stems from the fact that the internet is more open and available to a larger amount of people now, than it was then.

Way fewer political / social issue arguments. WAY more system wars arguments. In a lot of ways, despite a fair amount childish behavior, gaming has matured quite a bit. I think that's due to people in their 30s wanting to discuss more adult topics such as sexism and racism, rather than relive the endless "my console is better than your console" debates of their younger years. You don't see much of that at all on this site, and I think it's because the audience skews a bit older, and we've all had enough of that in our lives.

That's my recollection as well. There were however plenty of fights about female characters in games though mainly about Lara Croft (specifically her portrayal in those early games and things like her Playboy spread ). But that was about it. The sensitivity was there, just around different subjects.

But yeah games themselves more routinely tackle subjects that few would have dreamed of touching in the 90's. And games themselves have a decent job of appealing to an even wider audience than they did in 90's. So it's not terribly surprising gamers themselves discuss those issues too.

Yeah I agree. I think games have grown as a medium and so has the discourse, even if people still have their issues. Back then it was much more system wars-y and also super based in the hype driven cycles of AAA games, which were the thing back then with a much smaller market of games that we would think of as "indie games" now. You would have people dissecting page long previews and speculating and all kinds of stuff more. There are just so many more games now. You see very good games come out now and they might not even get their own forum thread. Back then a magazine could tease a game cover and it'd be talked about for weeks. Really some of the only things I see like it anymore is Kojima, how he did the marketing for MGSV and now with his next game in its early showing. It has definitely changed a lot.

But that systems war type stuff was real crap back then. You can see traces of it even on GB, which doesn't trade in that bullshit at all, when it first started having console alignment. I don't think anything dumb was meant by the GB guys at all when they did that but I think it just goes to show how much more divided things were.

As far as sex and portrayals of women, I really can't recall much of any talk about any of that besides maybe saying "hey it's silly". Like the Playboy spreads or DOA boob jiggle when that became a thing. To me that stuff was laughed at but not actually criticized overall. But I think the medium grew into having that criticism be talked about like it is now.

@spaceinsomniac: Good post. I just really hate the dismissal and style of looking down upon differing opinions by many that I see. A fair number of people can be so unchallenged by their thinking that anything outside of it is seen as a shock and repulsive.

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@pyrodactyl: I do think they made a step up on the cinematography I guess you would say. There are some really cool long distance shots and like you mention definite composition.

I loved the vibe of the regular game but the brighter world in Blood and Wine was fantastic too.

@rahf said:

Gods, the Spotted Wight quest gave me chills. That place was so creepy.

For that factor it was probably second best in the game next to the Ladies of the Wood.

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@rahf:All I can say for sure is this was my ending. So Regis straight up says "I don't have sympathy for her" but then he does ask you about it and regrets she dies (when I don't know if you should really feel all that bad for that happening). And Geralt automatically says he does have regrets. I mean, I suppose you don't want her murdered by Detlaff but I just don't see why you even bring it up. So there's just a lot of subtle things that make her seem like she's supposed to be redeemable but to me she's one of the least redeemable people in the series.

(video below, didn't want to just embed cause it's spoiler images and right in the title)

Looking at it, I guess I got the bad ending but I don't regret a thing. Not like the bad ending of the game proper.

I also loved Regis in the ways you mention. To me he was kind of Watson-y to your Sherlock Holmes at times (not a perfect analogy but I think you get my drift). I'm someone who sees Geralt in Witcher 3 in a very detective-y way so that comes to mind. Cool character for sure.

@dudeglove: I feel you on wanting it to be a little sillier and have some stuff like romances, it would make sense. But I think they figure you're into your real romance and they have a nice scene for that in there. It would have been nice to have more Yen in there for me but I did like her scene at the end.

I quite enjoyed the bird curse quest as well. I liked the bank quest, the proving virtues/walking on water/king arthur-esque quest for that awesome sword, and spotted wight spoon curse quite a bit (I really liked her house with all the hanging spoon and spoons in every container, plus the idea of her forcing random victims into meals, and how you rescue her and she just eats constantly for like 3 days haha)

I didn't even see the brothel. For shame.

So I also can think of more cool stuff they could have done in there but hard to see them doing any more content for this DLC already. It was very good.

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So excited for the new Clams Casino album tomorrow, 32 Levels.

He put out the ASAP Rocky and Lil B featured "Be Somebody" today and I've already listened to it like 30 times. Always vibed so much with his music and can't wait to hear more.

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@rahf: Geralt is sympathetic. When you sit with Regis at the end (if she dies as she did in my game) they both talk about having regret about it and feeling bad for her (and that's not something that is a player choice in dialogue, it's automatic). Basically everyone is sympathetic to her and it really doesn't make sense. I thought the Dutchess being sympathetic was pretty well handled for her character (an impulsive hot head). And as I said, in the fairy tale world they talk her past and even how untrustworthy, plotting, manipulating, and a cold hearted murderer she is but it's all handled as if Geralt isn't really worried about anything she's done or the fact that he's with such a terrible person who could stab him in the back at any moment.