Just beat Unwound Future (SPOILERS)

Spoilers below, so don't read on unless you've beaten the game. 

Wow, what a way to end the trilogy. 
It had the usual Layton formula, you follow the story being led on and thinking you've got everything pretty well solved.  Having fun, solving puzzles along the way.  Then Layton comes out of left field having figured everything out for real.  But then the very last moments before the credits rolled, they revealed the true identity of Celeste, and had a wonderful final animated cutscene showing Layton and his love part ways, for the second time.  It's incredibly emotional, and you actually see Layton cry, and yell in frustration as Claire is leaving, being forced back 10 years to her death.  For the first time you're seeing real true emotion from this character who, until now, has been pretty level headed and proper in every situation.  I thought it was fantastic and got a big lump in my throat as he begged her not to leave, even though there was nothing anyone could do.  As they started playing this music at the end of this cinematic, it led smoothly into the credits. 
I kind of sat there a bit and was really emotional.  I never really get that from a game, the last time that happened would be when I discovered the MOTHER series in late 2008 and beat MOTHER 3. 
I thought it was over, but then they had to resolve the whole issue of Luke leaving.  When the credits ended another animated cutscene started to play.  Luke and Layton on a dock in front of a giant ship ready to set sail.  Luke tries to say goodbye but starts crying under his hat.  As Layton tries to calm him down, he tells him that "A gentleman never makes a scene in public", he's given other similar words of wisdom to Luke throughout the 3 games.  Luke looks up at Layton completely teary eyed, and says "But I'm not a gentlemen yet!", and starts sobbing really loudly and runs into Layton's arms.  Luke is still a kid, and this is one time where he just can't bring himself to act gentlemanly, he has to leave his mentor and best friend. 

At this point my eye's welled up in tears.  This trilogy has been truly special.  Not only for blending two different gaming styles in a fun and brain bending way.  But also for introducing some of the best characters I've seen in video games.  The way they treated them at the very end in this game has solidified this series as one of my favorites ever.  It really touched me and ending it on the note they did, I thought was amazing.

I'm looking forward to the next installments, which will all be prequels set before even Curious Village.  Detailing how Layton and Luke became friends and their early adventures.  While I'm still excited for these, I feel it won't be quite the same.  Going backwards in the timeline is bitter-sweet for me, because this ending didn't just leave with them parting ways, but instead with a cliffhanger of a future adventure.  After the cutscene showing Luke's departure, you're greeted by a letter read by Luke that he sent to Layton.  Some time has passed, and there have been strange going-ons that "only Professor Layton and his apprentice can possibly solve".  It leaves with a big fat  "To be continued...".  Enclosed in the letter was one final puzzle that Luke wanted Layton to solve.  It was a simple puzzle, worth only 30 picarats.  But it was symbolic.  
The puzzle simply showed a stamped mark, and you had to figure out which stamp A-D could have left the mark.  They were just subtle differences and it was easy to solve.  But what's so special is that the stamp was of Luke's own logo.  It was like Layton's, which is at the top of this post, but instead it was blue and had Luke's cap. 
I thought that was a nice little addition. 

Anyway, I wanted to write something about this that hopefully someone will read, because no one I know will finish (let alone start playing) this game/series anytime soon and it had a certain impact on me.

GMod - Mr. Saturn

Who is Mr. Saturn?  We all are Mr. Saturn!  Zoom! Boing! Ding! 
Something I've had sitting in my GMod folder that many people have wanted to download, I fixed it up a bit and released it.  Download link at the bottom!  Extract to  garrysmod/garrysmod/addons



Majora's Mask Addon

Something I've been working on, I'm currently in the process of ripping all the mask models.  I just really love the menu I made.  :D  


Nostalgia OVERFLOW

Holy crap, thinking way back...  the original GB and GBC Pokemon games are the backbone of my childhood.  These songs bring back such awesome memories and feelings, holy shit.




I also found this, which is pretty sweet.


Oh man.
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