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Hey all, my FC is 4296-3111-4433. Adding a bunch of you!

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Hey, I'm looking for a PC game I watched my brother play in the early-to-mid 00's. As far as I can remember it was a FPS similar to Quake or Half Life. The part I remember the most is being in an outdoor area (though most of the game was in some sort of facility) with these little three-legged creatures hopping around. They weren't enemies, I remember them being kind of cute, but you could still gore them up pretty bad if you wanted to. They were kinda like rabbits or mini kangaroos. The area was fairly green and lush, I think surrounded by mountains, with some sort of shack/shed being the only structure. I also remember parts where you could go underwater and find items and stuff, and I think you could die by running out of breath. Oh, and this might be from a completely different game but I think the inside of the facility was some kind of abandoned laboratory or scientific research centre; I remember a part with dead scientists lying around everywhere and an alarm going off with a lady's voice counting down, and at the end of the countdown a door opens and the whole place gets swarmed with monsters. The inside was quite dim, there were a lot of alarms and red flashing lights. The monsters as I remember were fairly humanoid-looking, but I didn't watch him play the whole game. Any ideas?

That sounds an awful lot like the original Unreal.

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While I'd be super happy with a much larger library of quality Vita games--my 3DS gets a lot more use--I'm still happy with my purchase. P4G, Gravity Crush, and even Uncharted are all worth the price of admission, plus it can play a bunch of great PSP and PSOne titles, too. I also think games like Hotline Miami and Spelunky are best on the Vita.

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This was the one game I waited in line to play at PAX East, and it was NOT worth the wait. Everything about it seemed off--the graphics were super iffy, the combat was a total Arkham Asylum half-ass, climbing was Uncharted lite, and even the "secrets" had to be found as you moved along the predetermined path.

If the game was coming out in November or December, I'd have a little more hope. Seeing how it's out in June, I think it's gonna be a pass for me.

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Both of those look great, but Windows 8 would be a deal-killer for me. I know it's probably not nearly as bad as everyone says it is, but I've become so enamored with 7 that I'd rather stick with my current machine than upgrade if it meant Win8 had to come along for the ride.

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I wasn't terribly happy with the price, but given the dearth of Vita games I went for it. Pretty great so far! I played a decent amount of the 360 version several years back and this port is pretty well done. The whole game seems a bit smoother and it controls nicely. Levels are just long enough to make it a killer pick-up-and-play game.

Also, it's super sweet to watch a horde of ants stiffly spin off into the distance after loosing a few rockets in their direction. Mindless, but fun.

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I use StrongVPN and I've had absolutely no problems. I'm not in China, but a friend in Beijing recommended it to me, so I'd assume it would work for you.

It can stream Netflix, so YouTube should be no problem.

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Is ten seriously the highest this can go? I've paid for a flu shot before and STILL tried to talk my way out of it (I told the nurse she could just put it into a cotton swab or something). I've also wanted a tattoo for ages, but I know I'll never be able to get one.

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I'm about two hundred pages into Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erickson. Pretty awesome so far, even if I had no clue what was happening for the first hundred pages.