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A while back i'm sure someone made a thread in this very forum about all spoilers during the goty deliberations. Specifically 2013.

Did anyone by chance bookmark said thread and link it here?

Would be greatly appreciated!

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@jamakan_inc: Na I don't mind waiting for it so I always choose the option that costs the least. If it hasn't arrived in a month's time, I guess send the guys an e-mail?

they explicitly state that they can't do a thing if you choose the least expensive shipping option. i'd say just wait a bit, it took at least a month until the thing arrived. don't forget that international shipping does get scanned often.

also: don't worry. there is no mention of "bombs" on the actual shipping slip

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didn't really keep track of the delivery time since it was a membership tee and i subscribed for the content and not the shirt itself, but it took about a month if i remember correctly. also i live in germany, so australia should not take that long. when did you order it exactly?

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I'm looking for a quick look starring Jeff and Ryan (Jeff is playing). It's about a Diner Dash-esque game, except that you can basically create food yourself. I seem to remember they liked it a lot. It was probably from 2012, although I'm not 100% sure


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46. Dark Souls

best PC games. 'nuff said

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there is one about two thirds of the way through the tomb -->

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looking forward to the day where a limited edition doesn't include the game anymore

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pretty sure i used an adblocker even when on GB before subscribing. only subscribed because I wanted to support these guys, it pretty much is the only way too, since i doubt anyone is clicking any ads in this day and age. even if they do i doubt there are ANY conversions coming from GB users. the ads i saw here on the site never really seemed to mesh well with the target audience.

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hello. i'd like to pitch in.

i really want to have bioshock, but my problem is, that over here it's censored. so a gift trade would be cool (obviously with a US duder).

the only thing I can currently offer is a copy of saints row the third i got from the humble bundle (so I would give you the code, since I don't know what happens if I validate it on steam). that would be a bad deal for you since right now bioshock runs for more.

so: what would you like to have with that? or we can just wait until the thing gets cheaper again. PM-s would be great as i tend to not read the forums much.