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@71ranchero: That's a great link. Thanks so much, gonna watch these during the day today. :>

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@atwa: That's great to hear!! :D I'm really hoping she releases something else this year.

@hampe: Thanks!! Yeah, the Anamanaguchi version is terrific but man, it's no "Pop It!"

@wemibelec90: Thanks :D It means a lot to hear that. And great to hear you're enjoying so much of the list! I'm not gonna lie, I think Suiyoubi no Campanella isn't for everyone—KOM_I's voice is... I don't know how to describe it really, but her vocal styling is maybe not something I think has broad appeal. At the same time, though, I think there is a song by them for everyone. For me, it was "Mothra", for my friend, it was "Marie Antoinette". Once of their songs clicks with you, it's the gateway to everything else they have to offer.

But I'm also fully willing to accept that for some people, they'll just never click with them and that's totally fine too, haha.

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@wemibelec90: Thanks!! Though man, the end of Bird no Singing is so good! It's nowhere near as good as the last track but still, so good.

I'm not sure what tips to give other than just lookin' for it, to be honest. I follow a lot of musicians I like on Twitter and since most of them are indie, they often retweet/interact with other artists I haven't heard of yet. I also browse similar artists on sites like Last.FM a lot. You'd be surprised how far just randomly clicking around stuff like or Soundcloud can take you. Going through random similar artists is how I found out about Suiyoubi no Campanella and they're basically my favorite thing, now!

I used to rely on subreddits a lot but I've stopped doing that in an effort to not go on Reddit as much. Instead I just tend to poke around stuff like Korean Indie or labels themselves.

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You guys are acting like something really serious is riding on this or something?

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I am not quite sure what to say without getting rather wordy and emotional about this. Thank you, Patrick. I've sent you an e-mail about it before, and you were kind enough to quickly reply to it, but thanks for being a personal source of inspiration and an essential part of Giant Bomb's continuously incredible growth.

Best of luck with your future projects, buddy. <>

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@buzz_clik: Aww, thanks man. :> It definitely gets an honorable mention, haha. iirc it's somewhere high up on my overall list for the year.

@rudeboy217: Thanks!! OOHYO is DEFINITELY worth checking out. Easily my favorite debut this year. I hope she puts out more music soon @_@

@stumpsock: hengao world champion of the forever. If I didn't care about having two of the same artist on my top 10, Cinema Jack would be at #7, haha. They're just absolutely incredible.

@trulyalive: Thank you so much!

@atwa: :D Thanks! Glad to hear you like the posts. :>

@earlessshrimp: Thanks, dude!

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@sinusoidal: odd! I suppose it depends where you're located. Most of the artists listed above hang with the Mirrorball/WATMM crowd so if you're not too deep in on that then you might have missed them for sure!

@onimonkii: >:(

spoilers tho it was tearaway

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This is supadupa rad!! I kind of wish you could hold down the directions to slide around since tapping to get all the way right is a little tedious later in the game but this is so neat.

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@yummylee said:

Such an incredible individual! RIP

Also, if I'm being honest I was expecting something a little more substantial to be written up about him. Could have at least embedded this video here that was posted in the other thread.

Loading Video...

I kind of wish there was something more to this post, too, but that link more than made up for it. I'd never seen that video, thanks for posting it. It's wonderful.

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I played and enjoyed more games this year than I did last so I don't really think so.