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@Anwar: That's very true. Great IP's don't come easy. I guess what I was trying to say is that THQ seems almost to big for its own good. Hm, putting it like that makes it sound like crazy talk though.

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@Alex: Look, I know nothing at all about Brian Farrell. Maybe he's a terrible CEO who made terrible decisions, and his mismanagement is the direct cause of THQ's financial troubles. I don't know if that's true, but let's just say that it is. And in that case, these layoffs, while unfortunate, were hardly done out of malice. It's not like the guy laid off 240 people so he could eke a few more cents out of the stock dividend. Because take it from me, those guys exist.


They're mingling with AAA titles and marketing in those heights is costly. Darksiders and Saints Row 3 are both great games but my guess is that Saints Row 3 suffered horribly from the its poorly chosen release date (they thought they needed Xmas, they should have had more trust in the quality of the game) and Darksiders is good but (imho) not exactly something you run out to preorder. You may pick it up at some point, sure ... when you're done with the Battlefields and the Skyrims and while reading the next news report about THQ firing another 200 employees.

Maybe I'm crazy but a publisher that big can't afford a handful of alright-sellers but no real powerhouse monster IP.

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Turtles in Time showed me just how much nostalgia is talking when I demand an XBLA release for all those classic Beat-em-ups. Played it for a couple of hours and was over it ... OVER IT.

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Aaaaand this is the main reason why I don´t buy Bethseda games at launch.

It was hesitant too but gave into the 'WANT' and got it day 1. I haven't encountered anything gamebreaking (yet - knock on wood) except for a couple of items which remained in my inventory after I completed the quest.

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Not impressed yet.

Yeah, the trailer didn't do it for me neither BUT it's a new GTA game so chances are even if you aren't sold just yet ... it'll happen.

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I mostly went with movie themed pumpkins this year but here's a couple of video game pumpkins.

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I think it's a bummer the series went this route. I always hoped the franchise would get a decent budget to knock it out of the park.

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Damnit, I don't like preorders but man ... this stuff's tempting. A LOT.

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It's like a Rorschach Test for gamers. What do YOU see?

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Aww, anticlimactic indeed. I was hoping for a one last big hack before riding into the sunset and never to be heard of again ... until ... twenty years later, when he announces Skynet ... launching in North Korea.