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Man what a twist!

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Okay so I stopped playing a couple of months ago and now that I've returned, it seems that everyone moved on. None of my friends is playing anymore. For the newcomers and for the ones that don't want to read the whole thread, here is mine again: BakumatsuX.

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I promissed to myself to play all the main metal gear solid games before phantom pain is released. I'm currently searching for the Darpa chief in MGS1 (the very first objective).

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I played it during 5-6 hours and the overall sentiment was positive. It felt like a multiplayer skyrim with a good variety of quests and good visuals. I enjoyed the combat and the character creator was great.

The things that I didn´t like were the fact that I couldn't move while having the map open (in a mmo it's crucial), the inventory wasn't great and like the @veektarius said, seeing a bunch of dudes running around doing the same things kills some of the immersion. I enjoyed it but I just don't see me paying a monthly subscrition to play a game in the future, especially with a baby on the way.

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I would like a pc code if anyone has one...

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Witcher 2

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Hey duders. So the descritption of the Digital Deluxe Edition in the Uplay store says:

  • 60 mins of Gameplay with Aveline
  • 3 Singleplayer missions
  • 5 Singleplayer Ship Customisation items
  • 4 Singleplayer Weapons
  • 4 Singleplayer Costumes
  • etc..

Now, 3 of the outfits for the singleplayer are the ones from Captain Morgan, Francis Drake and Stede Bonnet (from Black Island, Sacrificed Secrets and Mystery Island, respectively). If you look to the image, you can see that there is another:

So, what is the 4th costume?The only info I got is that it's a unidentified costume. Has anyone unlock it yet?

Also, can anyone tell me what are the 4 singleplayer weapons?

Thank you.

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I'm from Europe (Portugal) but you can count me in: BakumatsuX.

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Hope that Matthew Broderick is in this or heads will roll!