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Since about this time last year :-(

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I really enjoyed Orcs Must Die 2 solo, but the game really seems to be designed for co-op. So maybe you could give that a shot?

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My answer for everything.

Ghooooooost Maaaaaster

Edit: Also, I was surprised to discover that Toonstruck (a point-and-click adventure starring a digitized Christopher Lloyd) is somehow an astonishingly well written and mechanically solid adventure game.

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@xite said:

And I really hope the Miz ends up just being Johnny Cage, we need more fighting game characters as wrestling gimmicks.

Well Cesaro is already rocking the Sagat eye-patch and Rusev is basically a crappy Zangief... and now that I think about it, Bray Wyatt does that Voldo backwards crawl... Maybe it has already begun!

Has anyone checked Stardust's costume for an Arc System Works Co., Ltd. logo?

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I've been watching on-and-off for the past few months so I'm not sure, is it acceptable for Damien Sandow to be my favorite?

Edit: Also, can I like (the?) Miz? As far as I can tell, he's pretty much Johnny Cage.

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@spuirrel said:

Considering it won't be UPF this week, there's a fair chance it will be free.

It'll still be UPF, but the F stands for FREEDOM!! this time.

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@wulfbane said:

So... Repo-Girl gimmic back on the table? You can retcon her dance to be her practicing walking down the isles & stealing things off the shelves.

I love the idea of Repo-Girl, but what could she take that's as good as Macho Man's hat?

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This is the only video intro Dan needs.