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@billymaysrip: Does Gantz the anime differ much from the manga? Because I thought the manga was a good idea with terrible execution. Just boobs and blood with no substance.

It's been a while since I've watched or read Gantz, but I don't think it differs too much when it comes to the events that they both show. The biggest difference that I can think of is that the manga keeps going long after the story in the anime wraps up.

If you didn't like the manga, I don't think there's too much that you'd feel any differently about in the anime. But again, my memory is a bit fuzzy.

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@hamst3r: Full disclosure, that cover on MAL is way cooler and more stylized than what it actually looks like. I'm not even sure who that purple haired person is supposed to be, except maybe a really off model version of the protagonist and an equally off model version of the little girl sidekick/plot device. This Italian cover has images either directly from or closely modeled after the movie itself.

I'd love to hear what you think about Baoh, but I don't want to set you up for disappointment going in expecting some trippy JoJo style.

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I'm not going to say it's a good movie (or short OVA), but you all should watch Baoh. The story is bad, the characters are 1-dimensional, the voice acting is atrocious, but I genuinely, unironically find parts of it super fucking cool. It's also on YouTube, but I figure I shouldn't put any links to that kind of thing on here. You can find it though. Unfortunately that version doesn't have translations for the occasional rad "Baoh Armed Phenomenon" attack names like "Baoh Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon" and "Baoh Shooting Bees' Stinger Phenomenon"

Baoh is my The Substitute.

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I thought I was tough for burning through Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill on Netflix over the course of maybe a week and a half. But man, I'm kind of glad that all this streaming stuff WASN'T around when I was at peak otaku mode in high school.

And @cornbredx, Attack on Titan is really good. It's not a show that relies on the fact that it's anime to get by, using tropes and cliches to cover weak writing. What I know about Highschool of the Dead is that there's maybe some serious or action-y parts, but a lot of it is shlocky fanservice and "anime bullshit" (I may be completely off on this, I haven't watched it myself). If that's what turned you off about HotD, you very well might love Attack on Titan. It's got a unique, kind of fucked up premise that keeps interest up, but more importantly, it gets serious and throws dark in ways that puts most other shows to shame.

Definitely worth a watch, even if just the first episode or two to see if it catches your attention. Kill la Kill is also cool, but it's about as far in the opposite direction as possible, saying "fuck it!" and leaning ALL the way into its balls-out bonkers anime crazy. So I don't know if you'd like that as much.

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Drew is GBWest's Vinny, in many ways.

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I think the tagline is being misinterpreted. You don't just play as cops in the game, you play as the cops or the criminals. You be the law as the cops and break the law as the criminals.

That makes a lot more sense. Although unless all of the ad material is very deliberate in showing the cops on the "Be" side and robbers on the "Break" side, like maybe a campaign with 2 different ads (one focusing exclusively on the cops "being" the law, the other on robbers breaking the law) or whatever, that tag line is too easy to misread as a "fuck your civil rights, I'm the police!" thing.

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The answer to the bug question has been staring us in the face this entire time. It's Metal Gear, right? And what's always the answer when you have a question about Metal Gear?

It's so obvious now.

They're giant Nano-machines! Wait, would that make them kilo-machines? Mega-machines?

They're not super duper small, but they're also not big, so maybe centi-machines?

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Jeff/Vinny, but Drew/Dan is catching up.

Wait, I fucked this up, didn't I?

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I'd already planned on getting Far Cry 4 at some point, but all the GotY talk got me to go for it a little earlier. I'm really bad at it, and not having a ton of fun, but as far as I can tell it's not that the game isn't well made. It seems to be a finely produced game. I just think it's that I've finally spent enough time away from first person shooters to have completely lost the ability to play them well (which is weird, since I played the HELL out of Far Cry 3, but maybe 2-ish years is enough).

Maybe I'm just getting old


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Apologies if this has been mentioned already (I checked the last few pages and didn't see it), but did you hear about Cesaro telling the crowd how awful he thinks his own entrance music is? I wonder if this was just an early sign of Cesaro's grumpycat Grinch gimmick, or if this was an unscripted bit that led to the higher ups saying "You don't like your music? Well fuck you, now you're the Grinch"

(in the video) Cesaro: "Okay first of all, turn on this microphone, please, because I'm trying to talk. Second of all, cut my music because it's not good at all."