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I've had a few crashes on the PC, as well as some times where the screen froze for 5-10 seconds while the game was still going on in the background (for example, it might hang up at the start of the enemy's turn, and it would be my turn again when the screen caught up a few seconds later).

As far as the crashes go, they seemed to be happening right as one of my characters got hit by a Wrinkler. Maybe it has something to do with the combat aging mechanic?

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I've been having a LOT of luck with Boomstrikers (Alchemist + Hunter). Their flasks only do damage in a cross pattern (instead of a full square, like regular alchemists), but they do a bunch more damage, can learn Honed Hearing (which lets them "see" enemies through walls), and (I think) are more accurate. All this adds up to a character that can accurately lob bombs over walls onto groups of enemies that haven't even seen you yet, from stupidly long distances. And with upgraded weapons and/or relics, they can be doing like 30-40 or 50-60 damage per shot, one-shotting bulwarks and cradles.

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Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh (Phantasmagoria 2) does a surprisingly (all things considered) good job portraying a gay character (Trevor). Not only that, but it does something even fewer games have done and portrayed a bisexual character (heck, they made him the PROTAGONIST!).

The game wasn't always GREAT with its representations, but it did a WAAAY better job than a horror FMV game in 1996 could have done. It's even more surprising when you think about how terribly Phantasmagoria 1 handled its own... subject matter.

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I don't know if this is from Mary or if it's just a coincidence, but I am using a Kish vanguard.

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The peegs had to put their paws down at some point.

(This thread seems a little weird and we probably shouldn't pry, though it was a pretty funny moment in the bombcast)

I agree. All goofs aside, Brad sounded like he really didn't want to discuss it and we should respect that.

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How do researched items work? Like, if you research what I assume is a health potion, do I just have 1 health potion that I can use once, do I get 1 health potion item that I can give to a character that uses it once per fight, or does it unlock the ability to use potions for all my characters?

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So I guess I have to add "Bill Trinen Amiibo" to my list of "things that might get me into this 'toys-to-life' thing"

The other main item on that list is, of course, a Johnny V. Disney Infinity figure.

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If you like Picross, there's 5 (maybe 6?) "Picross e" games on the eShop.

As for screen protectors, I haven't had any problems with scratches on mine without a protector. I've never really been one to push down particularly hard with the stylus, so your milage may vary.

*edit: Actually, thinking back, a screen protector might not be a bad idea. When I first got my XL, I remember feeling like the stylus was digging in a bit, so I took a wooden chopstick, sanded the end until it was completely rounded over and smooth, and have been using that.

Also, I've heard a LOT of good things about that Xenoblade game.

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One big difference between PQ and the core EO games, that could sway somebody one way or the other, is that the characters in PQ are a lot more interchangable. What I mean is that aside from weapon type, base stats, and a few core skills, you can basically use any character in PQ for any role you want. If you give a High Pixie or Virtue to Chie, she'll (probably) be a healer. If you give her a Pyro Jack, she becomes a mage. There's less structure, but it allows you to use pretty much whichever characters you like most without worrying too much about their viability as a team.

In the core EO games, the character classes were/are a lot more concrete. Your Fortress has skills that lets it soak up damage to protect the rest of the team. Your Sniper has skills that deal damage and that bind enemies. Your Medic is... a medic. The skills and roles are locked more to individual characters, which can be helpful or restrictive, depending on how you want to play.

Hope that helps someone.

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My initials/name and Ryan from a set of sprites I made of "GB Duders as LucasArts Adventure Characters". I don't know if it's visible in the thumbnail, but his shirt is a take on the "Fuck Ryan Davis" shirt Jeff wore on that one BLLSL, but his says "Fuck Jeff"

Some of the finished(?) sprites, along with the starting sprites, in-progress versions, and a few scrapped ideas (such as Ben/Jeff and Sam/Brad). I also threw in the dumb Luchadeer Glottis I made around the same time, when I was trying to figure out Photoshop.