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Thinking about Roman Reigns has got me thinking about Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I'd always wondered "why don't they just bring out the Megazord at the very beginning of the fight? The fights always end with the Megazord fighting the giant monster, so why not just cut to the chase?"

But now it makes sense. The Rangers on foot could jump and flip and punch and kick and generally make a fight exciting and believable. The Megazord can't do any acrobatics, it's way too big and bulky. What it CAN do is deal a decisive finishing blow. An all Megazord fight would be boring, just a guy in a bulky robot suit blindly flailing around and slapping at a guy in an equally bulky and restrictive monster suit. As the exclamation point at the end of a Ranger vs Putty -> Ranger vs monster -> Megazord vs giant monster sequence, the Megazord is fucking awesome.

What I'm trying to say is that Roman Reigns is a goddamned Megazord.

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(Some of the) Things I liked about SummerSlam

  1. Miz being a delightful asshole
  2. Things going well for Ziggler
  3. Ambrose knocking over everyone like bowling pins
  4. That silly dance move he did immediately afterwards
  5. Sandow's goofy idea of a lumberjack costume
  6. Goldust standing up to Corporate Kane
  8. Xavier Woods wasn't an embarrassment again (he wasn't there, but at least he didn't get tossed out of the ring in under a minute like he seems to do on PPVs)
  9. Steph being Steph (and therefore better than Brie in all ways)

So yeah, most of these items were in the Rollins/Ambrose match, but I still think it was a pretty fun PPV overall.

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I want to see The Miz punch someone's head off like he did back in Mortal Kombat 2.

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@mezmero said:

@recspec: A mark by other other name would smell too sweet. Sometimes I wish I could like wrestling as much as Dirty Dan.

I wish I could like ANYTHING as much as Dan.

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@toug said:

I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

Yeah, this is way better battle cry.

Absolutely love the motto though.

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With Big Show getting behind Dr. Tracksuit and Xavier Woods backing Dan (see attached tweet), I'm waiting for The Authority to weigh in on the matter.

And by "The Authority", I mean Scooby Doo and Totino's Pizza Rolls, of course.

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@flappy said:

Talk a buncha shit about everyone's waifus.

Hey, you leave Lady Jaye out of this!

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I would heavily suggest glancing at a walk through (there is one on GFAQs that is fantastic). The beginning of planescape is a bit of a confusing mess since it dumps you in the world and says "Find Pharod, kthxbye"

Also make sure to install widescreen mods, unofficial patches, etc. If the writing doesn't grab you then it's not like the combat will make you stay.

The first time I played, I got an hour or two in, wondering when certain core mechanics (like magic) were going to be introduced. I later found out that I'd just not spoken to the right people at certain points. I would imagine (or at least hope) that there would be other chances to get spells later on in the game, but it ultimately didn't matter as I hit a game-breaking bug/crash soon afterwards.

Something about the way I'd set up the game on Dosbox or whatever caused the game to freak out and grind to a halt (and then crash) when some particle effect was used in a cutscene.