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What are some game series where the first entry didn't get off the ground, gain widespread popularity, or implement features that the series became known for? The game that inspired this topic in the first place was Street Fighter 2, but I feel like arguments could be made for Far Cry 3 and Saints Row the Third. I'm torn on whether Symphony of the Night counts in this, because while it is the "vania" in Metroidvania, the earlier games were very successful in their own rights.

What are some series that, to you, didn't really "start" until a sequel?

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Scorpi- wait, my default joke answer for fighting game threads actually works this time. Well then Reptile, I guess.

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And here I though the port of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round sucked. It was 3(ish?) months late, uses the last gen version's graphics, has no online play, doesn't let you rebind keys, and doesn't work with many controllers (some XInput vs DirectInput thing apparently), but at least it runs... usually.

PS: Goddammit, @fobwashed.

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Something something flat circle...

*edit: But the 2x3 black/white button layout is a smart way to handle the things, so good on them for that.

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The D4/Deadly Premonition joke is alright, but Swery's tweet announcing it is WONDERFUL

I want to live in Swery's understanding of America.

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I used to play a ton of first person shooters in high school, but as I get into my mid/upper twenties, that sort of game tends to make me feel all urpy in the tum-tums.

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I've been waiting for a chance to use some fun British words! Ahem...

"Oi, 'e's a right proper bellend, innit?"

Thank you all for indulging me.

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If it was also an old computer game, I second the notion that it may have been Alter Ego.

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Who's that person in the upper left? Is she the new character from P4 Golden?