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I would recommend watching some of his other video content too. The Super Replays for Overblood, Half-Life 2 and Dynamite Cop are a few of my favorites. Those are the kind of stuff I would expect out of his GB effort, more than written reviews.

Edit: I'm a dumbass, I meant Half-Life 1

I have already warned Dan and Jason that the non-stop flood of "HEY YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS FOR THE NEXT SUPER REPLAY" will now be a non-stop flood of "HEY YOU SHOULD PLAY PERSONA 5 FOR THE NEXT ENDURANCE RUN"

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I believe that people have donated to various sleep apnea research foundations in his name in the past.

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"Letter - From The Lost Days" is a pretty sad sounding song.

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@marokai said:

All I want out of a new hire is for them to be rational, self-aware, and respectful of the user base.


Fun fact: I own a whoopee cushion with Dan Ryckert's signature/autograph and the words "fart fart fart" written in marker on it.

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Kuh-kuh-kuh-razy Prediction: Roman Reigns will become the new Tuxedo Mask.

...I have been following Jared Rea on Twitter for too long.

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During E3, did they say something about picking between male and female as an option (or something to that effect)?

I believe the character customization stuff had already been announced up prior to E3 (I think in the Unfinished video), if that's what you're getting at.

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You know what I bet Drake would be really good at? Detecting hits.

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I expect this topic will get locked before it gets much further.

...that being said, Dave Lang x John Vignocchi 4 lyfe

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Is Dave Lang invented or discovered?