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I imagine this idea has been brought up before a bunch, but for the sake of discussion in case it hasn't, Lesnar's win kind of makes sense. I have heard some ideas that the WWE could have used the streak to elevate a newer, younger wrestler, but the more I think about it, the less sense that makes. People were furious with Lesnar for breaking the streak, so who's to say that they wouldn't have reacted the same way with some up-and-coming NXT star? If it worked out, great. But if it backfired, it could stain a career right from the beginning. So in that sense, the safest best was to use a sacrificial lamb. It doesn't matter that Lesnar got thrown to the wolves, the crowd didn't like him all that much anyways. Besides, it's not like he was even around all that much. So if the Undertaker retiring with the streak intact was off the table for whatever reason, Lesnar taking the hit makes a lot of sense.

But then, I am very new to wrestling, knowing pretty much only what I've learned from the Powerbombcast and VGCW, so this armchair booking could be completely off the mark.

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It finally struck me who Cesaro reminds me of.

Long lost brothers.... or alter ego?

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With the Streak broken and the Bryan stuff wrapped up, now is the time...

Company Man Punk just wants what's best for business

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@wmoyer83 said:

I THOUGHT that move looked familiar.

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The streak ended because Taker decided it was time. No one would force him to end it. Vince didn't do it, Hunter didn't do it, Taker did it. All the IWC rage and arm-chair booking needs to stop. I was as shocked as everyone else, but I respect Taker EVEN MORE now, because he went out on his back and he didn't overstay his welcome. God knows too many "Legends" have.

I can see that. Someone in one of the chats said something along the lines of "some warriors want to walk out with their shield, some want to be carried out on it."

Besides, there is always the silver lining that things went well for Paul Heyman, that adorable scamp.

*edit: I think it would be fascinating to know how many children shouted "Don't do it! Rise above hate!" at their TVs when Cena picked up that chair.

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@tajasaurus: Yeah, Varanini had a lot of great tweets tonight.

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It turns out there IS a quick and easy way to get a crapton of points. As Angel Goat (jumps higher, hold R in the air to fall very slowly), head over to a trampoline. Jump a few times to get some height, then hold R at the peak of your jump and start spinning. You'll spin quickly enough and fall slowly enough to make like 40+ full rotations. You may need to land on the trampoline to avoid ragdolling when you land (although I think the Angel Goat power protects you from that).

Using that trick, I went from 0 points to well above the Hard score threshold with a single jump.

*edit: I recorded and uploaded a video of this trick

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From time to time I think a WW1 game might be interesting, but sitting in a trench, waiting to get gassed probably wouldn't make for very compelling gameplay.

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While he's not a dedicated Hearthstone streamer, and he's the best, most experienced player in the world, Day[9] is always pretty entertaining with his weekly-ish "Decktaculars"