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My only impression of Sonic Boom is the Quick Look but that game at least looks flawed but competent.

Remember that long series of 2d sequences they went through in the QL to get across that gap, right before they woke up that snake guy? Knuckles can easily glitch his way past that ENTIRE section.

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Are people not mentioning The Pinking Shears because they're just accepted as "a great item that everyone knows about", or because people don't know how powerful they are?

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun took a look at the game and it sounds like it's kind of a mess.

I’ve heard lots of good things about LISA, but you can’t release a game in this state. I’m going to persist, watch this godforsaken sodding intro yet again, and see if I can discern some method of saving – I’m not convinced there’s a manual save, since I’ve found no such option after hitting every key on the keyboard. (Guess what! F12 resets the game back to the main menu without warning!)

John Walker in the linked article
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At least there aren't any radio towers to climb... right?

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I don't think it would NEED to be a movie/book combo, but I did enjoy the comparisons in the Sphere podcast.

Although I know it wouldn't happen, I think it'd be neat to hear Drew/Mary/Chris/Dan discuss the Akira comic (and maybe the movie). One of the biggest problems with doing that would be the fact that the comic has a LOT more characters, events, and side-plots, so going into the same amount of detail as they did with Sphere would take forever.

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Space Jam: A Novelization


*edit: I added in an answer to the actual question

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Well, it depends on the game you are playing. Some games could serve you a cruel punishment for mistakenly using an item on the object that the developers see is wrong while some are as @draugen mentioned they could make you stuck for are hours because the solution doesn't make sense (i have rage deleted the fourth broken sword because of this and never looked back).

I think that the best approach is either picking a game and asking if it needs a walk-through or looking for a game that doesn't need a walk-through like Gilbert Goodmate

I know that some Sierra games can become unwinnable not only when the player fails to pick up an item or does something wrong, but also when a player solves a puzzle in a logical (but "wrong") way.

Here's a broad example from one of the King's Quest games: You come across a shop that is selling an item that you need for one gold coin. Shortly after, you solve some other puzzle to acquire a gold coin (or you find it under a rock or some other adventure game nonsense). The rational conclusion would be "Now I can go back to the shop and buy that item." And the game will absolutely let you do that. You give the guy your coin, he gives you the item, you move on with your adventure.

HOWEVER, at some point later on, perhaps even a significant chunk of the way through the game, you encounter a situation where you need to bribe somebody or buy something or distract a dumb monster with something shiny. A situation where a gold coin, just like the one you spent an hour or two or five ago, would be awfully useful.

It turns out that if you had held onto that coin a little while longer, you'd learn about some other problem that the shop owner had- a problem that you could solve for him to get that item you need, free of charge. And if you had done that, then you'd have that other item and still have a shiny gold coin to use for this other puzzle. But since you spent it, you're fucked.

*edit: That being said, I've sound that the guides at Universal Hint System ( are great for giving you just enough information to figure the rest out on your own (and if not, it'll eventually just tell you what to do).

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Oh God, he was watching us... He might even be watching us RIGHT NOW!!


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Depending on how wide the target time period is, you can sort of do this with some of the Total War games. Medieval II: Total War takes place over the widest time span as far as I know, between 1080 and 1530 (according to the Wikipedia article on it), so pitting early game units against late game units was kind of fun. Total War: Shogun 2 takes place during a much more limited time frame (maybe 100 years or so), but the difference between early and late game technology is probably greater than in Medieval 2.

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I just realized that since you control all the characters, I can finally use Mitsuru without her CONSTANTLY trying to cast Marin Karin!

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I could be (and most likely am) just grasping at straws with this, but I was getting a major Persona 4 vibe from the last 1/4 or so of that book. I first noticed it when Beth and Norman were convinced that the other person's dark unconscious mind was creating all the crazy sea life and crew members and everything. There are a few points where the conversation mirrors Persona 4's "That's not me" scenes.

By the end, I was thinking of Norman, Beth, and Harry as the founding members of P4's Investigation Team. The giant squid that kept attacking the facility may as well have been named Jiraiya.

I even made a stupid Photoshop picture illustrating my theory, because I guess I have too much free time.