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They aren't effected. Persona skills are always considered "ranged" attacks regardless of what they actually do. Bear in mind some physical skills may not be able to hit the back row in the first place, but that is a restriction on the skill not the skill user. Tons of persona physicals do "piercing" effects though which mean they hit the front row then a target in the back.

Also, yes, Zen uses a crossbow so he is ranged. He is also possibly a contender for hardest hitting straight physical attacker in the game which is all kinds of funny.

So using Chie in the front or Aigis in the back doesn't make a difference when it comes to skills? Cool. Although I guess now I'll need to figure out some other reason to choose either Chie or Aigis...

And if I do go with Aigis, I'm wondering if I should put her in the front row. She's got a ranged weapon, but she still looks like she could take hits even better than my current front row.

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I know that when close range characters (anyone except for Aigis, Naoto, Yukiko, Zen, and maybe Ken) attack, they do less damage when hitting from the back row or when trying to hit an enemy in the back row. But do physical skills like Toxic Slice and Teardrop also have those same restrictions? Or do they maybe act as normal physical attacks based on the character's weapon? Maybe it varies from skill to skill?

The reason I ask is because I'm trying to decide whether to use Chie or Aigis for my main physical skills user. If these all (or even some) skills are inherently close range, then Aigis would be at a disadvantage if I kept her in the back row. But if the skill range is based on character weapons, when Chie in the front row can only reliably hit front row enemies, while Aigis' ranged weapon can hit anyone.

For the record (not that it has much bearing on this question), my party so far has been P3MC, (Chie), Akihiko in the front row and Naoto, (Aigis), Yukari in the back row.

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Ever since I played Saints Row 3 immediately after mainlining Mass Effect 2 and 3, I've taken to making any customizable character a woman with short red hair named FemShep.

And in Persona 3/Q, I named my main character Johnny Tunoku. In my personal canon, he's Charlie's cousin.

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@manmadegod: Was it really Reigns they were directly booing? I saw it as them booing them the event and how the rumble was managed. Think Roman was just the fall guy.

Yes, they were booing Reigns. The second his music hit, they booed. When he did anything in the ring, they booed. When he won, they booed.

Maybe they were chanting "Boo-eigns"

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@donchipotle said:

It's a slower paced game than P4 but it's better than P4 in pretty much every way except for the non-manual control combat so just stick with it I guess because the highs of P4, are like fuckin' hills compared to the highs in P3.

P3P lets you control your party members in combat. The only downside to P3P is that none of the animated cutscenes are in it.

I don't think I'd stick with it if I couldn't have set direct commands for combat. It took me no time at all to get sick of Junpei not using Agi against enemies that were weak against fire.

Oh Mitsuru always trying to use Marin Karin. Always.

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Vince McMahon is pretty much Lennie Small (from Of Mice and Men) when it comes to character development. I'm sure he means well, but his center of attention is just about the most dangerous place you could ever be in. That poor puppy Roman Reigns never stood a chance against Vince's petting.

Note: I haven't actually read/watched Of Mice and Men, so I don't know if that metaphor holds up or not.

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@corevi: Thank you, do you know around what time they play it?

It starts around 2:47:00

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What? No WWE Immortals? This is an outrage!

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Facial hair growth in Deadly Premonition is a feature that should in all games where appropriate.

Which is more superfluous, the shaving in that game or the leaderboard for the shaving in that game?