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I don't get the issue with Zoe Quinn. Why is the internet freaking out and obsessed with her? Specifically I don't see the issue with Ben Kuchera writing a story on Zoe Quinn while giving money to her on Petreon. This would be like I can write something praising or condemning how PBS works because I gave them $200 in the last pledge drive.

The only conflict of interest I can see is if GB or whoever is "subscribed" to someone's subscription service and has a show or article on subscription services and deliberate avoids or explicitly shows things they've subscribed in only a good way.

Its a good deal different because the money goes directly to the person. You are basically paying their bills for them. Its not difficult to see a conflict of interest here, don't you think their motivations might be in question?

What you're talking about is almost the opposite of a conflict of interest. If Quinn were paying Kuchera, THAT would be a conflict of interest. This is more along the lines of say, Vinny buying a game on Steam in order to do a quick look video.

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I'm not watching Raw right now, but if this is a reference to something that happens, I will be so, so happy.

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I was going to comment on how cool the US Mega Man cover is, despite all the hate it gets, but then I saw the PAL cover.

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OHHHHH, so THAT'S what people meant when they were talking about "Shulk" being in the game. I thought people were joking about She-Hulk making a surprise entrance.

You show 'em, Shulkie!

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@49th said:

Fake, I don't see Goku on there.

They also forgot Scorpion.

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So do you think enough of the greater Whiskey Media family has kids that there can be a Giant Babycast?

"Hey everyone, it's goo-gooooosday"

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Alex Lifschitz, a guy I personally know and trust, has been on Twitter documenting this whole shitshow. It sounds like it's real rough.

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So who else is TOTALLY into Rybaxel at the moment?

I mean Ryback needs such a push. He's become awesome

I'm a sucker for fun wrestling costumes (which explains why Sandow, Goldust, and Stardust are some of my favorites), so seeing Ryback in a sick Popeye singlet at SummerSlam was an absolute delight.

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[dusts off book of old jokes]

They are just settling into the new office

I was wondering when someone would bring that one back out.