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#1 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

Depression has sunk into me. RIP Ryan. I can't imagine what everyone is going through right now.

#2 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

I held back this year, but still spent a decent amount of cash on three double dips:

  • Trine 2 (Own it on PS3)
  • Alan Wake Franchise (Own it on 360)
  • The Witcher 2 (Own it on GOG & Gamefly)
  • The Walking Dead
  • E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy

Total: $46.59

There were a couple I kind of wanted, but decided to wait (it was so hard passing up Arkham City, but I played it on the 360 already).

#3 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

1. Valkyrie Profile

2. Persona 4

3. Dark Souls

#4 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

Glad to see a list. I'm so pumped for the game. Hope to see everyone online!


#5 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

I really hope for Toronto. I don't live there, but I fly down (there and Ottawa) to visit friends two times a year. Give me more excuses to fly.

#6 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

 Distinctive Software    

#7 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

Project Ninja Daredevils

#8 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

Frank West kind of looks like a young  Dan Aykroyd... or Johnny V!

#9 Posted by Beck (60 posts) -

That's good to know. I was planning on buying Comic Jumper and the Alan Wake DLC this month... and thought of maybe picking up Limbo. So it works out for me :D

#10 Edited by Beck (60 posts) -

I'm digging what they're doing with this game. I prefer the old Dante (except the second Game where they turned him into an angry character), but I mean, he had to be young at some point in his life.    

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