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Everything is still a threat

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No love for the greatest glitch ever, missingno's cloning items glitch or the cloning pokemon glitch in G/S

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@mattysen: I'm saying that Goku is someone you can look up to while Gohan is someone you can have an easier time relating to. Superman rarely doubts himself, and almost always makes the right decisions. Gohan has confidence issues and seems more human. It's like the Spider-man vs Superman argument. I wasn't trying to correlate power though
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@mattysen: I like Gohan for his personality; he seemed like the character who was easiest to relate at that age as opposed to Goku who was like Superman. I don't know why you like Popo. Was he a comic relief character or a serious character? Didn't really understand his role in DBZ, but hey I have an illogical love for a lot things so hey to each his own
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EDIT: BTW skip to 1:12 to get to ROB

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@Metroid545: WhataBurger, the food of Drunk and high people in Texas.

Taquitos ftw
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@LiquidPrince: Was it suppose to be a joke look at his Screen name .
Unicorn is a horse with a horn.
Fiesta=party=sex sometimes
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Drinks are good; food not so much

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@mattysen: Vegeta destroyed that planet of bugs in that one filler episode. Frieza technically only took 5 minutes to destroy Namek, but that was 5 minutes spread out throughtout  ten shows. Planet destroying was not a big deal in DBZ. Hell Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta with just his finger.

Super Buu with Gohan completely outclassed SSJ3 Goku; it wasn't even close. Just like Vegeto completely owned Super Buu with Gohan. Kid Buu didn't realy toy around that much; I'd say Fat Buu toyed around way more. It didn't take Kid Buu very long to decide he was gonna destroy Earth. Goku and Kid Buu seemed pretty close to equal with the advantage going to Kid Buu because of his healing factor. Super Buu with Gohan owned Goku.
Popo wasn't that great. He was a crappy teacher during Dragonball, and he came off as kind of annoying and arrogant. I'd say Kami is deeper character plus Kami was Popo's boss. I don't agree with this but Popo was a servant and had stereotypical African American features...

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@mattysen: Mr. Popo huh... Some say he is a terrible racial stereotype kind of like Jynx. He never really did anything special besides training Goku. He just served under Kami and Dende.

Destroying Planets in DBZ is nothing Frieza had no problem destroying planets with his fingers and he's weaker then most the Z fighters. Super Buu with absorbed Gohan is defanitly stronger than Kid Buu. Super Buu is at least close to Kid Buu; he did fight a SSJ3 Gotenks who was just a little bit weaker than SSJ3 Goku. SSJ3 Goku even struggled againest regular Super Buu and was forced to try to fusion with Gohan, so its really close. No doubt Kid Buu was more insane but power is questionable

In terms of Power Level in DBZ I think it would go
1. Vegeto not even close
2. Super Buu with Gohan
3. Mythic Gohan
4. Kid Buu/Super Buu
6. SSJ3 Goku