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I played a ton of Amiga games and yes I felt superior to all of my PC, C64, and Atari ST friends... because the Amiga was superior! Here are some of my favorites:

Zack McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Jeff I know you love this game and the Amiga was the best version)

Actually, the FM Towns version Zak McCracken is by far the best version of the game. It has 256 color graphics and a CD audio sound track.

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@lysergica33 said:

Any space in the main clan? Knowing_Slinky

Playing a lot right now, still early on, trying to build the arch wing.

Invite sent.

(Well, I guess I should add that we're not the "main clan", so feel free to decline the invitation from Rainfall if you're only interested in joining VinnCo.)

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I'm sorta indifferent about them. But I think a lot of that has to do with they games they've been looking at - most of them don't really make much of an impression on me. The GBEast QLs I've really liked tended to be the ones where they're playing a spectacularly terrible game, and Vinny is absurdly enthusiastic while Alex sounds like he wants to crawl into a corner and die.

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@mwng: The whitelist is based on the region of the game, so a physical US copy of Danganronpa 1 will work regardless of which account you're using. Otherwise I can only suggest you inquire with NISA support or twitter and see if they're making any progress in getting whitelisted.

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@condroid said:
Absolute classics that most people should already be aware of, so I will only mention them briefly. Most of them are best/first on Amiga: Populous 1+2, Dungeon Master, Elite (plus sequels), Pirates!, Lemmings (unique 2 player mode with 2 mice), F16 Falcon, Battle Isle, Settlers, Magnetic Scroll adventures, the Cinemaware games (all first on Amiga), plus all the ports of DOS-classics by Sierra, LucasArts, Origin, Microprose, EA, Interplay, Infocom, etc

I'd disagree with Sierra and LucasArts games being best on Amiga. Sierra never seemed to take much advantage of the Amiga graphically, and the music was usually just downgraded versions of the DOS MT-32 soundtracks. Given that the MT-32 is easy to emulate these days, the DOS versions are easily the better option.

Same with LucasArts really... While they usually did improve the graphics for the Amiga release, they would often release even fancier versions of their games a year or two later, whether for DOS or for more obsucre platforms like the FM-TOWNS. And whoever was doing the Amiga music for them seemed mediocre at best. In the case of Maniac Mansion for example, I'd take the fantastic PC Speaker music of the enhanced DOS version over the Amiga music any day of the week.

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Here's the thing about the Amiga. It didn't have a ton of exclusives, but it had a lot of the best versions of PC games in terms of graphics and sound. The question isn't what are the best Amiga games, the question is which are the best European games from that period that nobody is talking about

Whether the PC or the Amiga version of a game was the better one generally depended on how high-end hardware the PC version supported. The Amiga could definitively wipe the floor with the EGA/Ad Lib PC of the late 80s, but in the 90s as (Super) VGA, Sound Blaster cards and CD-ROM drives became increasingly common the Amiga versions usually fell behind. And even in the 80s there were developers that supported certain expensive PC peripherals, like the Roland MT-32 music synthesizer for fantastic results.

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@rebel_scum said:
@kub said:

Another World.


Yeah those are really great games but there are better ports of those on the Megadrive. The Amiga 500 versions lacked the extra music that added to the atmosphere.

Eh, that seems quantity over quality to me. The tracker music on the Amiga is way higher quality than what the sound chip in the Mega Drive was capable of, so I'd still say the Amiga music is better.

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@gunstarred: Dreamweb is actually freeware now, and the PC CD-ROM version can be downloaded from the ScummVM website. (And Jeff, for point and click adventure games in general, ScummVM is probably a better option than Amiga emulation. A lot of them got enhanced DOS CD-ROM releases anyway.)

As for my suggestions, never had an Amiga myself. But a friend did, and I remember Battle Squadron being very impressive at the time. Midwinter was jawdropping as well, though that one was incredibly obtuse and hard to get into.