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Paying to be a beta tester?

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When you hear about games like Bioshock, which basically become something completely different during development, this document actually seems surprisingly close to what we got.

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I played pretty much every single Lucas Arts adventure game growing up. You could even get to play Maniac Mansion through the cd-rom release of Day of the Tentacle .

I never liked that version though. I played the PC port originally, which had spiffier graphics.

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@mb: There's been a lot of claims that the Entertainment (and Devices) division's real losses are being hidden by Microsoft's Android patent licensing deals though. They're apparently getting several dollars from each Android phone sold by most of the major manufactures (including Samsung), which is basically pure profit.

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Yeah, it's been great. Especially happy that they now seem to have enough capacity to start covering more niche/weird console games like One Piece and Tour de France again. I feel that those were the first to get dropped when they were swamped.

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Bombcast East featuring Alex, Robyn, Vinny and Jimmy sounds like a thing to me.

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@hailinel: If you want to be pedantic, the logo is actually MIND≒0, as the symbol in the logo is a Japanese asymptotically equal to sign (≒), not an equals sign.

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@chaser324: Huh, didn't know about CRTL+0, that actually fixed the issue. Occasionally one of those wonderful Win 8 touchpad gestures will change the text zoom, and I guess that's what happened here. Didn't realize it could cause the site to switch to a different design. I guess Firefox was just being helpful and remembering my preference for the site. Anyway, issue solved, so go ahead and lock.