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@def: The ZombieU has the original Killer Freaks trailer attached by Brad in 2011 though, so I fully expect it started out as a Killer Freaks page and was renamed when Ubisoft annouced the changes.

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I am seeing more and more of these games popping up and agree that it should be a genre.

Over here sure, but in Japan it's been an established and highly successful genre for like 2 decades and are basically the only games people play on PC.

In Japan visual novels are actually genre classified under "adventure", which includes both pure visual novels and games with more traditional gameplay elements like Danganronpa and Zero Escape.

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I'm now finally understanding that the real 10 year plan behind Destiny was that you'll have to grind for 10 years to hit the level cap.

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@jesus_phish: Not sure if the you can just move a card, I think it might require you to format the card before the PSTV will accept it. I would use Content Manager or PS3 to take a backup of the card before taking it out of your Vita.

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So the PlayStation TV is launching in the US on October 14. For those who don't know it's basically the Vita hardware packaged in a little box you can hook up to your TV and play with a controller. It launched in Japan earlier as the "Vita TV", but faltered as many games weren't supported since it doesn't have a touch screen or cameras. Sony now appears to be repositioning it as a more general video streaming/PS4 remote play device that also plays some Vita games with the new name in the west, though hopefully games support will improve over time as it has in Japan.

Anyway, Sony has now released a list of titles that are confirmed to be compatible with the PlayStation TV at launch, with a promise that more titles will be added later:

From a Giant Bomb potential Quick Look perspective, I guess Killzone Mercenary is the most obvious one. Persona 4 Golden and TxK is probably something they'll want to take a look at. And I hope Jeff notices Magical Beat - it's sort of a Tetris/rhythm game mash up from Arc System Works that looks like something he'd be into.

Beyond that though... I mean you've got stuff like Toukiden: The Age of Demons, Danganronpa and Demon Gaze which are good games, but not something I'd expect GB to cover... I dunno, maybe Vinny could use this as an excuse to look at Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse if GBEast gets one?

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@yummylee: Jeff obviously cares about the wiki. He'll do random edits old every now and then, and will talk about it on Jar Time. Heck, hasn't he mentioned it it was part of the reason he hooked up with Dave for Giant Bomb in the first place?

The rest of the staff though... and the higher ups who decide what the engineers spend their time on... seem quite a bit less interested.

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I also added some credits for a couple of games this week which brings me to something I am confused on. If the game has actors in FMV sequences what would I classify them under in the credits? There is a credit for voice actor, but they are acting with more than just voice and we have no credit for just actor.

Voice actor is better than the alternatives I guess. It's kind of frustrating that we're still having these issues when the current system was supposed to fix this problem with the original one. I guess we could keep pestering the staff to tweak the groups but ultimately, I think the only real solution to this is to make game jobs wiki pages themselves, so users can add them as needed and group them together by editor consensus. This might also lead to a rather unique repository of information, since there's not a lot of places you can look up what exactly a weapons programmer or a technical audio director does.

As for me, I've been trying to add a bunch of TGS games, not to mention the unending torrent of otome games for Vita. Seriously, they never stop. It feels like there's a gazillion a month. And that's just Idea Factory.

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That doesn't look anything like Dave Lang!

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@lego_my_eggo: I think they've changed that to holding PS button on recent firmware.