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@amyggen: Yeah, I saw that. But I think he actually played the game once on Spookin' too. They don't always tag all the games in their videos after all.

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Didn't Patrick look at a much earlier version of this a while back? Or at least something very similar.

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Interesting video, though I'm sad at how completely PC focused it is. I mean, I could understand if it was all top tier stuff they were really exited about... But a lot it isn't. A lot of the random Steam games they Quick Look just seem like mediocre and forgettable stuff from unknown devs. And if that's the bar, I'd think some more obscure console games would at least warrant consideration - say Yorbie or Arc System Works' Damascus Gear which came out last week.

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This game is such a wonderful throwback to the B-tier titles of "old", when devs would given a modest budget and try to put together a full retail game without quite knowing exactly how they are going to accomplish that. I'm so happy they decided to take a look at it.

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Is she Batman? Because me immideate reaction was that this looked like low-budget Arkham Batman.

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But where is Zanthia?

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All those O'Neill stations make me think of Babylon 5. Art style seems inspired by it too.

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I have a question, I bought the $90 version of Destiny. How far would that go in Warframe? How is the grinding for gear compared to grinding weapon levels? Is there a plan for a RAID like Brad asked? I love Destiny but would definitely give it a go. I have spent about 3 months to get where I am at (31 1/4) and some epics. Is that the kind of time needed to reach end game?

Outside cosmetic items, you can access all the content for free. The only thing you'd have to pay for is more inventory space, and $90 should be more than enough to buy room for everything in the game at the moment.

I don't there's anything like a full raid on the horizon, but they do have events on a regular basis to introduce new content. These are frequently more elaborate than regular missions, and require more coordination and skill - especially to get the best rewards.

Know next to nothing about this game, but this QL makes me interested. How does Warframe treat solo players as compared to Destiny?

Depends on what you mean by solo. A lot of the missions are very challenging to do alone, especially ones where you have to defend multiple points. But unless you tell it not to the game will automatically drop you in with anyone else who's playing the same mission as you, so if you're just thinking of playing without a regular group of friends you'll be fine. Only thing is that certain gear is only available though a clan, but if you're determined to go at it alone nothing stops you from creating your own one-man clan.

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I played this for a while some time ago on PC, they've definetly added some stuff since. The was no ship to walk around, the planetary map looked different, as did the hacking minigame. I also recall that you had a limited number of "lives" or "retries" that refillled on a daily basis but that you could spend money on to refill if you ran out. Seems like they did away with that?

You still have 4 revives per day, but that's per warframe, so as soon as you get more than one it's rarely an issue. As for shotguns, you can simply buy a Strun shotgunfor credits from the store - it's one of the few weapons you can get without crafting or spending real money. It's not that great though, the Hek and Boar Prime much better, but take a bit of effort to get. And crafting does get much easier as you put more time into the game - having played for a while I can usually build whatever I want unless it requires a bunch of rare components like Orokin Cells.

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updated my ps4 version the other day and played a bit last night. major changes. looks better. still can't figure out how to fix my mods.

I played this game way, way back - before they overhauled the mod system and rust stormed everything - and I still can't figure out how the hell the mod system works. I even spent some money because I liked the game, and every time I come back and try it again my guns all do terrible, miserable damage despite being max level and it's incredibly frustrating. :(

Also great to see that a ton of awful bugs haven't been fixed, like bosses not spawning or the tutorial softlocking so you have to restart it from the beginning.

It's a shame, the core gameplay in Warframe was fun from the beginning and remains really fun. It seems like they disabled most of the cool melee attacks, though? That's a real disappointment.

Are you fusing mods at the mod station in the ship? Basically expending fusion cores and duplicate mods to make the mods you're using more powerful. Other than that, you might simply need to get more / better mods. The ones that increase your weapon's base damage (Serration, Hornet Strike, Pressure Point) are the best, then comes elemental damage and multi-shot mods. Also keep in mind that there are "damaged" versions of some mods - these easy to get when you're starting out, but they're much less powerful and should be replaced once you get the regular version.

Else, I find that the DE has been reasonably good about fixing bugs... It's just that new ones have a tendency to show up when they add stuff. One area where they've made huge progress is fixing "holes" in the maps, so players very rarely fall out of the levels any more.

And the melee system was revamped a while back. You now have find stance mods for your weapons which power them up and unlock various combos. I think the only thing that was completely removed was charge attacks.