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@fishbuddy: Hey Fishbuddy, I notice you haven't played Warframe in nearly a week. Are you planning on coming back anytime soon? Because with no spaces left we can't really have inactive players on the roster.

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@marino: Bladestorm should have been a rename to remove the Working Title, not an alias.

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@giganteus: The problem with that is that is that increasing clan size makes all research and construction more expensive. 10 times as expensive for a Storm clan, which would mean instead of 3 pieces of Tellurium to research the Itzal archwing, we'd need 30. So unless we suddenly got a whole bunch of active, high level players grinding Archwing that'd take ages to gather.

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@corevi said:

@machofantastico: You buy the blueprint for the weapon with credits and then you make it with resources. I recommend the Latron or the Braton (NOT THE MK1) until rank 2 when you can get the Boltor or the Karak.

There's no blueprint for the Braton though - it's one of the few weapons that can be bough for credits without crafting.

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@machofantastico: Have your read the Lengthy FAQ here on the forum? It has a lot of good tips. Otherwise I'd offer to let you join my little clan, but we're full at the moment. Maybe you you try the Windjammers one @tafae set up?

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@maxx2029: @shaolinspade: Sorry guys, but you haven't logged in to Warframe in over a week so I had to dismiss you from the clan to make room for new members. Feel free to ask for another invite if you start playing regularly again.

If there's any room left, my PSN is Delta110.

Invite sent.

@n7 said:

If there's room I want in.

PSN: Crimson_Ryan

Invite sent.