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Yeah, everything comes to the consoles. Usually there's about a month's wait, but sometimes they will launch things on all platforms at the same time, like the Nova Prime warframe or the Halloween event. And there's no reason to believe console support is waning, if anything it's gotten better since they can do small bugfixes now without going to certification, and they've been saying Warframe is the most downloaded game on PS4.

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Congrats on getting a shoutout in the Bombcast. Seems Jeff's been getting into Warframe over break, and found the advice here useful for getting into the game.

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@yummylee: Most of those voice actors have some game credits though, so they qualify as per the rule. Subsequently adding uncredited roles valid person pages seems fair game, aside from them being harder to verify as correct.

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Well, is she credited in the games themselves? That's generally the criteria for qualifying for a person page.

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All these posts, and so few people realize that it's just Jaffe, in his own words, "just fucking around w/U guys".

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@jslack: It seems to be working again for me now.

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Not exactly surprising, the PlayStation exclusive missions in Assassin's Creed have always been poor. Same goes for the ones in Mafia II.