for the Xbox 360 is functional... but not great.

What this basically means is that there’s no way to chat (even though you can have a USB keyboard hooked up to your Xbox, which I do), and not even any way to see chat - in particular, watching PJ practice for the Super GnG World Record was sort of weird because he answers questions from the chat while he plays so you’re kind of missing half the conversation in that regard.

There’s absolutely no way to access a channel page. It’s live feeds or nothin’, so don’t expect to go in to this to browse and watch stream archives - which is actually pretty annoying, because I personally was kind of hoping for that feature. I have this weird setup where I download Youtube videos and throw them up on my media server, where I access them via the Xbox and watch them there (in part because the Youtube Xbox 360 app is a crash-prone, laggy piece of garbage). There used to be a way to download Twitch archives for me to also put them on my media server, but due to “piracy issues” that’s no longer available, and this app does nothing to help alleviate the issue.

Video quality could be better. Presumably the reason they only surface featured and popular content is because of the quality selector - Twitch only provides stream quality selectors to channels that they deem worthy enough to need one. While the quality selector on the PC generally lets you pick from 4 or 5 different options, here you’re only provided with “High” (720p) and “Low” (240p), and as you can tell in my screenshots, even in Standard Definition, “Low” is pretty blurry. Having a middle quality (480p) would be nice.

No censorship on platform or franchise, which is nice.

The app also does the same thing all Xbox video apps do where on my display the text looks super aliased and gross. It doesn’t show up on the above images because those are S-video screencaps from my capture card, but when viewing it through my other monitor in HD it looks like garbage. Here’s an example image I put together when the Youtube app came out last year. I don’t know if it’s a scaling issue or what, but it doesn’t happen on the Xbox dashboard, and it doesn’t happen in any games. It’s just these video apps. And it’s worse than ever in the Twitch app.

But yeah… it’s… alright, I guess. I dunno. I’ve never been one for EVO or anything because I don’t like having to constantly pay attention to a specific web browser tab, so maybe this’ll make me watch more of that kind of stuff? We’ll see. Depends on how blurry things look at “Low” quality, because I certainly don’t have the bandwidth to stream 720p.

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Hmm, gotta have chat with twitch.

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Oh, so the Xbox app is just as bad as the iOS app? How surprising.

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There doesn't seem to be a channel search either. Twitch seems to be pretty awful at apps.

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Did you expect any better?

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Did you expect any better?

You always hope.

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Even if it isn't the greatest thing, I'm glad this exists. Happy that more people will get exposed to Twitch, one of my favorite sites out there.