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This is definitely really cool. Hopefully being in Canada I'll get the packages in the same general time frame.

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So is this rent to own? or is it just a rental?

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How many trailers do these map packs need?

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This has potential to be good but horrible timing and obviously going off the same market (although I am a little excited to play this on my 360)

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In all honesty I really enjoyed playing through this game despite all of its minor issues; however the in game cutscenes make it near impossible for me to ever play through the story again just for fun and to mess around. For example I wanted to play the airfield level, then I realized I would have to sit through the opening scene for a few minutes before I could even start to play, or any other level with interrogations are just a few minutes of me sitting around waiting for it to be over so I can actually play again.

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Is making me do this, apologies, as awesome as this system is, I fear for all the awful actions that people will have to do and the effect they will have on the webstie.

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from my experience only the older ipods work, maybe they stopped updating the support for ipods (especially because of pushing the zune)

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Gamertag: TopherBrown

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All that trailer did was remind me of 24

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A previous argument they made that what they are reviewing is the shipped currently playable version not based on the hope that someone fixes it in the future. In the past they have waited a day or two to finish the review if a patch has been announced or sometimes updated a review but outside of that they have a solid and logical system.

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