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I guess I really need to buy Mario Kart before this promotion ends.

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@beachthunder: I think the style guide is probably the number one needed thing for the wiki.

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@slag: Oh trust me the major percentage of hidden objects are pretty basic and not very good, but there are a few fun ones out there.

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Rise of Nations should probably have an alias for the Steam release titled Rise of Nations: Extended Edition. Also while we are at it the expansion Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots should probably have the alias of Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. The reason I bring that up is I had typed it out spelling the word "and" and was not able to find it in the search without changing it.

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@yummylee: I remember working on a lot of object, character, and location pages for Fallout: New Vegas for a while, but that was pretty much a short lived thing as I started working on the game pages again. I do feel as though the game pages are probably the most important pages, those other kinds are what set this wiki apart I think, that and the concepts.

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@slag: Well I think some of the better hidden object games have more variation in the puzzles and gameplay. Escape Rosecliff Island is literally play between 4 - 6 hidden object scenes and play 1 of a handful of puzzles types and then rinse and repeat. It even has players playing the same scenes over and over and over again just finding different pictures in it. I quite enjoyed the Pickers hidden object game in which you run a store and have to find items based on what is hot and what could be fixed up or paired with other items to sell for more.

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Also in case anyone out there is wondering, Escape Rosecliff Island is one of the all time WORST hidden object games I have ever played. If you ever want to jump in to that genre to try it out avoid it at all costs. And while I have not played it yet, I would assume the other Escape game is also pretty bad.

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I have been really thinking about coming back to this game lately myself. It was interesting to read your story behind playing the game for the first time.

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@mento: I figure those cards must be easy to add in with the volume they get added in. Plus they don't have to re-program the game at all like with an achievement or something since it is merely tied to Steam knowing you are playing the game. Also keep up the great work on those SNES pages, I feel like that is probably a pretty daunting task.

@lordandrew: I have had plenty of weeks where I just did not feel like doing anything in the wiki, as a matter of fact I had a time where I barely did anything a little while after the site switched over. I had gotten tired of wiki bugs that would wipe out a lot of work so I just mostly stopped.

@yummylee: That Resident Evil 5 page is pretty amazing. I have never put that much into a single page. It is also good to have some more filled out character pages, those are for the most part severely lacking in the wiki I think.

@slag: Just like the lacking character pages I feel like the locations are also often overlooked. Great job on filling those pages out, they have a lot of great information now!