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@tommytoad: They have to be manually approved by a moderator, so whenever there is one of them checking the queue.

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So I noticed this no longer works. Is there an alternative that I am missing?

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Got a cover picture for Premier Manager 98 that has a Mobygames watermark and needs to be deleted. I marked it with DELETE.

EDIT: Got another one. I marked a cover image here with DELETE. It is a very low res version and I have uploaded a much better one.

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There are quite a few games that I enjoy that are heavily criticized. I just shrug it off because why would it matter if someone else didn't like it?

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@mattack: The moderator comment made on those edits says "No edits were detected in this submission." Sounds to me like it may have been a hiccup, maybe try it again?

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I have a few I can think of right now:

These are the few I can think of right now, but I am sure there will be more.

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Man that is certainly an interesting mix of games for just one quarter. Some of these games really bring back some memories.

I actually loved Young Merlin back when it was first released, but I have had a difficult time getting back into it. The same thing goes for X-Kalibur, but I think I liked that one more for the music.

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Congrats @zombiepie for making it to the front page, you deserve it!

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@mento: That certainly sounds like a case where companies should be merged into one page, but I am not very familiar with them other than seeing them on pages in this wiki.

There are so many obscure games in the wiki that are completely empty, so I will always try to add at the very least a quick overview just so that the page doesn't just sit empty. It is especially sad when it is a game that is featured in a video since that used to mean that people would fill in the page, but that doesn't seem to happen much anymore.

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