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Been playing it a bit, but not too much yet.

  • Sgt. Slaughter - Rare - Level 7
  • Big E - Rare - Level 2
  • Fandango - Rare - Level 3
  • Dean Ambrose - Rare - Level 2
  • AJ Lee - Common - Level 0

I am assuming their level is the number in the bottom left of the card?

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@thatpinguino: Totally true. I would buy all kinds of games because of the pictures on the back of the box.

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Man, Legend of Legaia was a game I LOVED on the PlayStation. That was a time when I was pretty much buying any JRPG I could find and this one came out of nowhere as one of my favorite on the system.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: I actually REALLY loved the first Dead Island and am still enjoying Riptide quite a bit. The games have their fair share of issues to be sure, but I don't see what is so bad about them.

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I have been playing through Riptide co-op lately and have been having tons of fun with it. I think if I had been playing it by myself I would not like it as much, but I feel like it is more fun than it is given credit for.

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@beachthunder: I think it is just not communicated very often. I also think there should just be an iOS platform at this point to cause less confusion. I did not realize the iPod platform was only for click wheel games until I went to the page one day to do something and noticed it said that.

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@mento: I would really love to see more interest in the wiki come through from the staff. I feel like maybe more people would be working on it if it were a regularly discussed thing. For that matter at least call something out when they notice it needs to be worked on because I feel like that would cause people to flock to certain things to appease them.

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@finaldasa: I was thinking physical only releases with physical only manuals.

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So I have been noticing a trend of games coming without any sort of physical instruction manual. As someone who is an avid collector it bugs me that some games do this and others do not because it makes it difficult when buying games second hand not knowing if it is supposed to have a manual or not.

I was thinking about making a concept for physical games that do not contain physical manuals. I have no idea if this is something I should pursue or what to name it so I thought I would look for some feedback from you fine wiki folks.