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Thank you gentlemen.

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No personal facebook. No family on facebook. Works out pretty good.

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Because you can never have too much Vinny fanservice. #colondee

Let's get this party goin'....

Bombcast3 inspired by "The Ballad of Serenity"

  • Stuff to sell,
  • I need a plan,
  • 'cuz I'm a Small Business Man...
  • Got a deal,
  • to sign up free,
  • if I enter "Bombcast3"...
  • Need a site,
  • need some stamps,
  • at home in my underpants...
  • Lots to do,
  • no time for tea,
  • this wood glue really gets to me...
  • Train my brain,
  • build my site,
  • help me am I doin' rite?...
  • There's no day,
  • I can't carpé,
  • Bombcast helped me find my way....
  • Took their advice,
  • I'm doing swell,
  • Gosh I hope these magnets sell...
  • Burn the ROMs,
  • and boil the bags,
  • Small Business makes riches from rags...
  • if I enter "Bombcast3"....

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This is why you need interns.

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Yup, remember that one.

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@bbalpert said:
  • Something about The Next Big Thing really rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know if it was the writing or the setting or what, but something left a bad taste in my mouth after playing an hour or two.


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How do you do a spoiler tag within a spoiler tag?

Probably a spoiler block first?

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I have a drawer of memories. And a plan to record it for a blog.

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@lucien21 said:

Kickstarter is VERY clear on the fact you are not investing in the companies you are paying for goods. In the case of the OR you were paying for a development kit that presumably everyone got. They had no stake or say in what happens to the company.

On "paper" sure. But it doesn't pass the hearts-and-minds test of what actually seems to be happening by people who are invested. Most website services and software agreements have a clickwrap that says some combination of "we're not liable, and you can't sue us." This neither stops lawsuits from being brought, or being won. And where laws differ, the agreements become irrelevant.

Eventually, Kickstarter may be the one who has to change their facts to match reality.

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Also Neighbor of the beast.