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It is very clear that few people in this thread have experience with the HR process of a company much larger than 200 people. I can speak as a supervisor who stared at a screen of 100 applications for a job much less appealing than these. :)

@mylescox: Most businesses provide no feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Many job postings state this explicitly. Before you say "a boilerplate email is no big deal" the answer is yes it is, because any email server (CBSi or Brassring) runs the risk of hitting volume-spam filters at a certain level, and when it comes to job applications the volume is massive. Not to mention inevitable bounces that will occur because people's mailboxes are full or typoed, or simply fake. Those are resources irrelevant to normal operations.

@orlandodoom: That's a bummer duder, but you're falling into a correlation trap. Requisition could refer to any part of the HR process, and howsoever the enterprise software team thought it was the best word. When the "job requisition" is closed new applications won't be accepted. And your application is still on file to be reviewed later in case another round is needed before the job probation period is over.

@joshardson: Uh, would you like to be the person responsible for 1,000 phone interviews a week? How do you think this works? xD Most hiring managers (the person making the decision) are lucky to choose from 5 excellent candidates. Your resume gets about 15 seconds of a glance, and a cover letter might get 30 if the resume doesn't stand out. Most enterprise systems pre-screen applications for heuristic keywords, and the more keywords you hit inside your resume and cover letter, the higher your application will score before HR even sees it. Then you simply start at the top, and if you're lucky the best people haven't already found another job by the time you do respond.

One other thing I will say from my experience and colleague stories too... is that you will never truly get to understand the reason why you were or were not picked for a job, or how long it can possibly take. The backroom complexities, politics, and legalities of actually hiring people, even for sub-management level, can be totally ridiculous. Likely you wouldn't want to know, but my biggest piece of advice is to never take it personally or a judgement on your potential. Those 100 applications I dealt with? 4 of them were actually qualified and living in the same city. I didn't get to even offer the job to my top choice, we had to go with #2.

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The greenscreen shoutout to Vinny at the end is the frosting on this wub-cake.

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Giant Bomb produces more content than I reasonably have time to consume. Sometimes I don't even get to the podcasts for 2-3 days, and there are 20 queued videos to download with 10 sitting unplayed.

Also the stuff I keep is worth re-watching.

Voracious consumption of videos is why professional Youtubers don't get to take vacations. Maybe dial it back a bit and try new things.

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Also, Romero's tweet comes around (almost) full circle.

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Our own Hamst3r's Amnesia LP is one of the few I have actually watched in its entirety. Same goes for Fear Gauntlet which counts since it was never posted on GB proper. ;) Otherwise I'm an EpicNameBro and Markiplier fan. Few other channels keep pulling me back by pure host-appeal.

I'm a stickler that a LP has to be interactive with the audience. I'm not so 2002 that it still needs to be screenshots, but if it's not "Let Us" it's just not.

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Jeff Green ain't no Hardcore Dave.

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I've been happy so far with the mix of trope expectations and modern surprises. I also played the first 3 episodes quite close together. My Bigby is not a killer, and is trying to "bury the hatchet" with Woody *heh*. I don't regret tearing Grendel's arm off, but that guy hasn't any "more flies with honey" redeeming qualities to him as yet.

We've seen that Crane is inept with magic, and only seems to know what he reads in books.

The things I'm waiting for are:

  • The same person who cast the spell at the Pudding did it on the magic mirror, obviously.
  • Who did TJ hear laughing, and will Mr. Toad become a victim as promised?
  • What is actually doing the beheadings? Sharp or magic?
  • The initials CM are also in the address book at the Tweedles' office.
  • Is Flycatcher really naive? Is he secretly bitter at being fired?
  • Will King Cole return?
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Haven't yet found anything that I'm certain I always want to be there.

Colossus glyph is about the closest....

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I really hope From's A-Team (the DS1 team) is already at work at the next great Souls game.

Did you just stealth-compare From's development process to Treyarch/Infinity Ward? :p

Anyway, what I think you're really trying to say is we hope Miyazaki will be more hands on with the next one. Maybe, maybe not. I don't even know if he's still working there...

Interesting that he doesn't have a wikipedia page. Parody twitter is pretty cute.

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A month later, disappeared souls is up to 6 trillion...