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@akyho: Thanks kindly. Would it totally blow your mind if I said you can check out the starbase in your browser?!?!

Guess what else?
NOW how much would you pay? :D

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Also, naturally, if the Enemy Crabs (officers) are chosen to move up the ranks, we'll need new folks for those roles too! Any non-officers applying will automatically be considered for promotions, but it helps us if you can be specific about what exactly you'd like to do.

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Hidey ho!

I'm going to step down from fleet leadership. It's been awesome, and a lot happened in 2013!

I'm looking for new El Luchalobstres to take over. There are 32 active characters logging in during 2014, so that's a decent pool of players who might be interested. In fact I will only consider existing players who have been active recently.

You can reply here, or privately via PM if you prefer. I will be asking @hero_swe's opinion on any applicants.

It's probably no surprise that I'm not playing much STO anymore. I'm pretty pretty deep into EVE Online. I'm also trying to finish up my last few months in University, and I barely even reboot into Windows these days, much less load up STO. (Haven't got the new OSX client to work yet.)

Thanks for reading!


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@shirogane: I'll see if I can add you.

@piratetravis: When I checked you were already in a fleet, so I hope you're having fun wherever that may be!

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Netflix Canada just added The Rock this week.

Fuck other movies.

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@jazzylament said:

I suppose in Facebook that's generally considered 'private discussion', but Twitter is within the public domain isn't it? Like a public forum?

You seem to have a wholly misconstrued concept of "public forum", and entirely inaccurate using the term "public domain". Standing on a soapbox in front of your city hall town square is a public forum. Effectively nothing on the internet is a public forum. You can argue that the "tubes" of distribution are public if they are government or academic in origin, but that's pretty spurious these days. The post office isn't a public forum but they are responsible for transit of all messages regardless of (legal) contents.

Are you thinking that just because Facebook has privacy settings that it's "private"? Twitter has those settings too. Private and public in this sense mean owned or not-owned. Giant Bomb is owned by CBS. Twitter is owned by Twitter. They can flip a switch and it goes away, and so do all your posts.* Likewise, they can make the rules. Facebook and Instagram don't allow sexual content in tags to search images, and they'll take down what gets reported. Twitter and Tumblr don't try to stop it.

Think of websites like a mall. You can get kicked out of a mall. You have no rights to be there. But it's bad for business if everybody gets kicked out.

*I'd also like to remind folks of two technical aspects of Twitter. 1) The Library of Congress archives every tweet. 2) If you delete a tweet two seconds after posting it, it still gets delivered and seen in any feed within those few seconds. (Recently confirmed this to my embarrassment.)

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I want to know how a Brad-run podcast would sound like.

Snoring, mostly?

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Happy Birthday Patr**THWOMP**

Hope you get totally hammered this weekend!