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A month later, disappeared souls is up to 6 trillion...

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It's currently playing an episode of 8-4 Play. FALSE ADVERTISING!!!1!11!!!!!1!!!!!

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@jesus_phish: You don't have to use 'em, but maybe you know someone who could use 'em. ;)

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@kristov_romanov: I blame school. And not booting into Bootcamp ever. And stupid STO clients. And Arc. :P

I for one, welcome our new pope overlords space-crustaceans:

There have been some subtle roster management changes. The provisional promotions and demotions are new.

Personally my stance is to have only one toon per person per top leadership levels, but in fact I can't promote more than one at a time even if I wanted to. It matters less in STO because the account is always shown, but in terms of management strategy it does help more than it inconveniences in larger corps. Sometimes it also saves from silly mistakes. >_>

Guys, all your remaining toons should be Crab (Offficer) now, and I just picked Kristov's Three for Senior because Starfleet, if you want to change that's cool! Please don't go crazy with the Fleet Holdings, but have fun. :) The interface is way better but still busted.

Because Slade has not logged in since 2013, the demotion timer is now going (but there's no indicator). This is important for outside contact purposes of the leadership, which in fact does happen. It's also important to keep those dirty Rommies out. ^ô_ô^ Realistically we should also demote Jeff after all these years, but since I'm quitting I don't have to make that call. bwahahah ;D

Enemy Crab is just the catch-all officer level, and this is the lowest I demote the "trusted" old duders like mods and Axel/Legend without actually kicking them.

m_d, you can choose to demote me whenever and make your own policies. Peace out brrrrrrotherrrr. Also accepting EC donations while I go live in a shuttle down by the river. (But seriously is 5 million not a lot to have in the wallet these days? Oy.)

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So I have put together a collection of mods that....

L--l---l--l--ll--o--o--oo-ok at you h---h--a----c---kkk--er---

8 months late for joke.

Regrets nothing.

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I don't follow Adam as much as I actually do appreciate him.

Sounds like he's off raking in the bucks with N'gai?

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Thank you gentlemen.

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No personal facebook. No family on facebook. Works out pretty good.

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Because you can never have too much Vinny fanservice. #colondee

Let's get this party goin'....

Bombcast3 inspired by "The Ballad of Serenity"

  • Stuff to sell,
  • I need a plan,
  • 'cuz I'm a Small Business Man...
  • Got a deal,
  • to sign up free,
  • if I enter "Bombcast3"...
  • Need a site,
  • need some stamps,
  • at home in my underpants...
  • Lots to do,
  • no time for tea,
  • this wood glue really gets to me...
  • Train my brain,
  • build my site,
  • help me am I doin' rite?...
  • There's no day,
  • I can't carpé,
  • Bombcast helped me find my way....
  • Took their advice,
  • I'm doing swell,
  • Gosh I hope these magnets sell...
  • Burn the ROMs,
  • and boil the bags,
  • Small Business makes riches from rags...
  • if I enter "Bombcast3"....

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This is why you need interns.