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Crap sorry didn't realize I never posted my username, it's "Grudgebringer" one word, I will add you guys.

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Colorful text/game descriptions aside, I just received 3 keys for Deadspace 3, one game key, and two dlc keys. Went to origin, unlocked the game, and the dlc keys, no problem downloading as we speak. I can't speak for how trustworthy the site is on a whole, but in this case and in this instance they delivered and I'm satisfied with the transaction.

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I ordered a copy, lets see what happens *fingers crossed*

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I've been playing for a while now, and have had the opportunity to play with other people who were in voice comm. That's how the game should be played, it was an amazing experience, so much fun to be had. Now not so much now playing solo, but I keep at it. So I'm posting to find other people who enjoy the game and who are looking for someone or a group of someones to play with. I have a 10 man vent server and a willingness to kick the shit out of the other team, so who's with me!

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While visiting Canada (Montreal) and the US dollar was stronger I gave a homeless guy a 20 spot, and he looked shocked and said "That's to much" I mean your picking food out of the garbage, it's ok I didn't need it that bad.

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Etherlords II I adored that game, still have it on my pc. So thrilled that I bought it, never was into table top card games but I adored this game.

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I adore the humor in the game, it has me cracking up very often. Like everything else humor is subjective, sorry it doesn't click for you. It has enriched my experience with the game, and one of the aspects of the game I enjoy the most.

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Gunzerker not loving it so far but sticking it out.

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No thanks, I'm a complete wuss I see many, many, many reloads in my future. Yes am I robbing myself of an experience but I don't have the time I used to, and will most likely only time for one play through.

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I've used GMG before I used it for Borderlands 2, DarkSouls, CiV 5 and others never had any problems with them before they are very good about getting you your key before the release date. In fact I got my Borderlands 2 key several days before release so I had time to preload. If your cautious I completely understand, I was to but for my part I've never had any problems with them, always have received my key in a timely manner and it's always unlocked on steam without difficulty. In the end it's what 7-8 dollars you'll be saving if your unsure just get it at steam or amazon and be secure.