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Cool having Jeff writing some stuff again, hopefully we'll see more articles from the guys in the absence of Patrick.

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PSN: gungho12345

Australian Eastern Time (+10)

Games: Nothing yet, waiting on Destiny, and will prob be playing lots of CoD: AW

I have no PSN friends, pretty much PC exclusive so looking forward to gaming on a console for the first time in awhile!

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I know they have the quick looks on the site, but the interactions between all the guys before and after the quick looks is amazing for the entire day of Kinect twitch stream (Kinect launch version).

Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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Throwing my steam id around now, feel like I've had 1 friend long enough, and just started really getting into Dota 2, might add a few of you guys too, feel free to add me, Australasia servers for the most part if it makes a difference.

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In the same boat with some it seems! Been on Steam for a very long time, but only 1 of my mates plays at all really. Hopefully it's alright to add some of you guys? Been sucking at Dota 2 for a little time now.

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@hellerphant: Might be a little on the late side, but wondering about the dress code (never been to this place), should we be expecting a shirt at the least? Just don't want dudes to be turned down at the door or anything.

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@gutterkisser: Just a copy and paste from a google search, but yep pretty much the drink.

Shipwreck on the Rocks

-- Bourbon with Freshly Muddled Lemon and Mint with Agave Nectar.

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Sounds awesome guys, my mate and I will look for the group drinking whiskey's I take it!