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brad said on twitter the podcast will probably be up pretty late due to GOTY shooting

A shooting? Holy fuck, I guess things got a little too heated this time.

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It really depends on who's there. I basically "party" with close friends every week or 2 weeks and it's always a good time. Sometimes it's fun to meet new people but usually going to a raging house party kind of sucks because the music is too fucking loud to have a conversation. But fuck going to clubs, too much money, not fun. Getting drunk and/or high and doing stuff and hanging out is only truly fun if the people you're with are cool.

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I was in first grade and didn't know what the fuck was going on.

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@teoball said:

Hmm, I'll try

  1. MGS3
  2. MGS1
  3. MGS4
  4. MGS2
  5. Ground Zeroes
  6. Peace Walker

Yup same here, except maybe switch peace walker and ground zeroes

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Barely ever. But I listen to a lot of video game music when I'm playing the games obviously. And I love video game music so much that I'm sampling a lot of video game songs for rap beats for me and my friends to rap over.

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I liked the control points, but it felt basically like a standard game mode. It plays well, and I like that secondary ammo doesn't replenish when you die. It incentivizes map control and moving around so you can't just camp with your shotgun or sniper rifle. But I'm hoping the full game has some more unique PvP modes.

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Strike is awesome! That Devil's Lair mission was grueling for me since I was underleveled. Took like an hour.

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Once it gets down to 200 I'll buy one. The new games they showed off look fantastic and I've been jonesing for some nintendo, since I don't have a 3ds either.

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I will say that you shouldn't knock beer entirely based on one or even a handful of experiences. I thought I hated beer for a long time, but no...I just hate cheap shitty beer, and prefer certain beer characteristics over others. There's a lot more variety than you'd think in flavor and consistency with beer. So try and taste a spectrum of them because there might be one that you really enjoy.

Also learn how to properly mix drinks so they're not too strong. My rule of thumb is about 1.5-2 oz of liquor per 12 oz of mixer, depending on the liquor and the mixer. Don't eyeball it because you'll most likely get it wrong, especially if your bottle doesn't have a plastic bit on the mouth of the bottle that keeps it from pouring too fast (aka the fun stopper).

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I'd love to get it but I'm broke :C If the mothafuckin Taco Bell down the street calls me back about a job I may be in luck, but if not I'll probably not be buying this, transistor or watch_dogs for a while.