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I was in first grade and didn't know what the fuck was going on.

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Hmm, I'll try

  1. MGS3
  2. MGS1
  3. MGS4
  4. MGS2
  5. Ground Zeroes
  6. Peace Walker

Yup same here, except maybe switch peace walker and ground zeroes

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Barely ever. But I listen to a lot of video game music when I'm playing the games obviously. And I love video game music so much that I'm sampling a lot of video game songs for rap beats for me and my friends to rap over.

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I liked the control points, but it felt basically like a standard game mode. It plays well, and I like that secondary ammo doesn't replenish when you die. It incentivizes map control and moving around so you can't just camp with your shotgun or sniper rifle. But I'm hoping the full game has some more unique PvP modes.

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Strike is awesome! That Devil's Lair mission was grueling for me since I was underleveled. Took like an hour.

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Once it gets down to 200 I'll buy one. The new games they showed off look fantastic and I've been jonesing for some nintendo, since I don't have a 3ds either.

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I will say that you shouldn't knock beer entirely based on one or even a handful of experiences. I thought I hated beer for a long time, but no...I just hate cheap shitty beer, and prefer certain beer characteristics over others. There's a lot more variety than you'd think in flavor and consistency with beer. So try and taste a spectrum of them because there might be one that you really enjoy.

Also learn how to properly mix drinks so they're not too strong. My rule of thumb is about 1.5-2 oz of liquor per 12 oz of mixer, depending on the liquor and the mixer. Don't eyeball it because you'll most likely get it wrong, especially if your bottle doesn't have a plastic bit on the mouth of the bottle that keeps it from pouring too fast (aka the fun stopper).

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I'd love to get it but I'm broke :C If the mothafuckin Taco Bell down the street calls me back about a job I may be in luck, but if not I'll probably not be buying this, transistor or watch_dogs for a while.

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@believer258 said:

Have someone park the car on one end of the parking lot, pointed on a clear path to the other end, and then get in and slowly drive in a straight line to the other side.

Something tells me that wouldn't work.

My first thought:

There is no way driving that slow would cause that much damage. She wasn't going more than 5 mph and that's how much my car was damaged when I was going about 35 and rear ended a car in front of me one time. I've been involved in several car accidents of varying speeds and angles. I know a thing or two about what sort of damage cars can take.

So wait. You're saying a cartoon is unrealistic? I dunno dude.

On topic: basically, like everyone said, just go somewhere really abandoned like some country roads or a parking lot and just drive. If this is a legit psychological phobia, you might want to seek professional help, but the only way I know of to deal with fears is to just immerse yourself in it and become desensitized. Once you've immersed yourself in your fear for long enough and have driven in straight lines and made basic turns, set up a little obstacle course for yourself and just drive it over and over. With little twists and turns marked out with traffic cones or whatever you can get a hold of. Just get really good at using your vehicle and doing all sorts of maneuvers at different speeds.
Then find a country road and just drive fast. Obviously don't blatantly break the speed limit if there are cops around, but know what it feels like for your vehicle to be moving as fast as you'd ever want to go on a freeway, so about 80 miles per hour. It's intense as fuck at first, but now how to handle your car at those speeds and know how long it'll take you to brake at those speeds. The point of this is just to understand how your vehicle works really well and know exactly how it handles. Get a feel for the steering, acceleration, turn radius, etc. so you can be confident behind the wheel, just in case there is some emergency and you need to act fast.
After that, if you can afford the gas and have the free time, just drive with a passenger (who is calm) and drive down suburban streets for hours on end. Learn your area really well while you're at it so you don't need to GPS everywhere you go. It doesn't matter where you go, just drive around in circles if you have to. Go from one side of town to the other. The social aspect of driving is a whole other element that you'll never be able to figure out unless you simply practice on streets with other drivers. Learn the dumb things that other idiot drivers do, and assume that all other drivers are idiots because they usually are. Drive around daily or every few days if you can, move up from small suburbs to downtown and places with weird intersections, weird yield signs and lots of traffic (which is admittedly a lot more stressful even to an experienced driver) and eventually you'll have to get over your fear. If that doesn't do it, I honestly don't know what to tell you besides seek some sort of psychological help.

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Probably Kangaroo Jack, but I loved that movie as a kid.