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this game doesn't like fun at all, just another attempt at a rhythm based game that will end up being terrible

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i'm hoping that they actually put work into making the MP good, since BioShock is a single player game, and single player story and gameplay is done very well i wouldn't want them to just throw in MP just to say they have it like many games try to do. Stick to what you do well, and now that they have released it has MP, lets just hope they do that well also

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this is great, i'm tired of waitng months to get the games after the japan release dates

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haven't played Gears 2 in a while after being letdown from the original state of multiplayer.  I got the updates but just wasn't interested in playing anymore, even though it was better.  Now with new single player DLC as well i am interested in getting and by playing the new single player part will get me more into the new mulitplayer DLC as well