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1. Splitscreen is vertical, although I've heard if you play on an SDTV, it switches to horizontal. 
2. There can be a big frame rate drop if there's a lot of action on screen. Framer ate drops are worse when playing online.

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@MrFlibble said:
" Just getting the blank page using a Visa debit card in the UK with halifax. Haven't got and odd letters in my info. "
Exactly this. :/ 
Take my money, damnit.
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I listened to the whole thing then subscribed, you guys are really good together - got me laughing quite a few times even though I was passively listening whilst playing some Soul Silver (Y)

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Btw, there's the option when playing online to level your Pokémon up/down to level 50/100, so there's no reason to worry about what level your Pokémon are when playing online.

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You'll run into problems with anything that can learn both Ice and Ground attacks. (Electivire, Claydol, Mamoswine etc.) as four members of your team will likely be OHKO against either of those attacks, and Gengar hasn't got the best defenses and most good STAB'd moves from something with a high attack/special attack stat could likely OHKO anyway, or at least definitely a 2HKO. 
I'd also recommend putting something a little defensive in there, you don't really have anything there that could switch into a neutral attack safely, you'd be relying on resistances a lot, which you've not really got much of there.

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@Kyreo: Gyardos isn't a Dragon type - it's Water/Flying so unless it's already been agreed he shouldn't really be using one :P 
But I'd definitely go for a Weavile, huge speed and attack stats, as well as STAB'd Ice Punch. Stick a Focus Sash on it, so you don't have to worry about being OHKO with a Flamethrower or something, and that should deal with the majority if his team, as most Dragon Pokémon are dual typed with another typing weak to Ice (Dragonite, Salamence, Flygon, Garchomp etc.). 
I'd also reccomend Drapion, it's got good physical defence and can Whirldwind/Roar anything that tries to set up a Dragon Dance on you. It also boasts a fairly meaty attack stat and the ability to learn Ice Fang. And it can learn Toxic spikes which will poison anything except Dialga that he could send in, with the possibility of badly poisoning them if you manage to use it twice. 
I'd be careful about using Tyranitar, you don't really have the option to use anything else which wont take damage from Sandstorm, whereas Dragon types do - and if he's using a Garchomp, it's evasiveness will raise during a Sandstorm making it harder to hit, and that could win him the match. Although if you made sure not to use Tyranitar until after you've dealt with Garchomp, it's sheer power would be a massive help.
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@Br3adfan said:
" @scarace360: If we can get a decent turnout we would have to come up with something.  I've never done this sort of thing before so unless there is an existing set of guidelines, we're on our own. "
There are already a standard set of rules for competitive Pokémon tournaments which could be used. 
Anyway, I'd enter.
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CrazyMoofo / Miltank Lv 55 
Body Slam 
Wake-up Slap 
Zen Headbutt 
Milk Drink 
Pyro Mutt / Arcanine Lv 55 
Dragon Pulse 
Extreme Speed 
Fire Fang 
Statix / Ampharos Lv 55 
Signal Beam 
Thunder Punch 
Thunder Wave 
Teefz / Feraligatr Lv 55   
Ice  Fang
Night Owl / Noctowl Lv 54 
Air Slash 
Beach / Sandshrew Lv 10 
Rock Smash 
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That's turtle wins at life :D

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Played drums for about two years now. But when asked if I'm a musician I usually say no. I don't play drums to make music, or be in a band, but because it's fun and I like listening to a rhythm. ^__^