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I had one part where the scripting broke and I had to restart a checkpoint, but no bugs other than that.

If you think this game is buggy, I am assuming you didn't play Skyrim?

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I've never understood the hatred towards microtransactions. Don't use them if you don't want to! Pretty simple.

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I'm wondering if this is going to make it into the GOTY picks, I mean it has to right? The bomb crew loved it the month it came out and went pretty deep on it but then it seems now everyone has cooled on it. Hasn't been a bad year for PC games with the mix of AAA and indie stuff.

When it was first released I don't think it was. I was super hyped for it like a lot of people, but it wasn't what we wanted. Now? It is for sure. There is no game I have put more time into this year.

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I hadn't played Diablo since guild wars 2 came out and then resubbing to WoW, but I recently got an itch to check out what they have changed since last I played.

The monster power system is amazing. It lets you set how hard you want the game to me. I was able to beat diablo on inferno on 2 characters and have been slowly farming in higher and higher monster power. I've found about 15 legendaries since playing for about a week. Most of the good, and a lot of them I actually equipped right away.

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Dunno if it is available out of the US though.

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My performance in windowed fullscreen was weird. Fraps was telling me I was getting like 80FPS but the game was running like shit.

In fullscreen it runs good, but I like to play in windowed fullscreen.

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Last night I did the whole repair thing and when it asked me to restart I clicked I would do it later and got into the game fine. Today it tried to install again and I hit cancel and it hasn't asked since.

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Theres also a lot of WvW Exploiting going on in these "better" servers if many of the threads on reddit are to be believed.

I play on Henge. There is a huge alliance of guilds that always have a presence in the zones. I've personally never seen any exploiting and it is definitely not the reason why we dominate.

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It is by FAR the part of the game I hate the most. I do so little damage underwater I am really starting to think I am doing something wrong. I can crit for 2.5k on land, but when I'm underwater I hit for 100. Dealing with more than one mob is means I'm dead most of the time.

If I never had to fight underwater again, I would be happy.

And I don't know how to make a poll. =\

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My server, Henge of Denravi, was against yours for a bit and we beat everyone pretty hard. To be fair though, we are beating everyone pretty hard.