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@kelbear:  Probably becoming comfortable with myself. Having a lot of self esteem issues over the year, to over come by yourself i found hard but by mostly dealing with them in the most brutal way and being confident enough to see that i don't have to change to be either loved or confident in myself. Sure i'll have low spots. But they don't usually last very long. It also helps that i'm independent, i feel, i know at the end of the day i can rely on myself if everyone runs out on me. I don't keep everyone at an arms length, i let people in don't get me wrong. But i'm still an independent woman. I want people, i don't need people.  

Haha pick 'n' mix is as follows. If you have not seen the wonders of pick 'n' mix, you should!

 Pick 'n' mix is a common method used to sell various small items. It is most often used to sell confectionery, whereby small sweets are displayed in tubs or bins. Customers are able to select any combination of items, and using a small shovel or tongs, put them into a container provided, hence the term 'pick and mix'.

Also, what about you? You've heard many-a-people's stories but we haven't heard yours yet :)
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A prostitute.

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Whenever i buy something i always tell them to "Have a nice day!" before i walk away.

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  1. Become a red head, Check.
  2. Become independent, Check.
  3. Get tattooed, Check.
  4. Become comfortable with myself, Check.
  5. Not give a fuck what everyone else thinks, Check.
  6. Become a woman, Check.
  7. Pass college with flying colours, Check.
  8. Get a job i enjoy, and can keep, Check.
  9. Get on an foundation course, Check.  
  10. Keep my best friend from college when he moves 50 miles away, Check.
  11. Keep my boyfriend when he moves 50 miles away whilst at uni, Check.
  12. Not become a massive waste of space, Check.
  13. Realise how good i've got it, Check.
  14. Begin to love life, Check.
     - Shit i've aspired, and done in the last 3 years. 

I'm hoping to go to university and do a Game Art course which i have my heart set on. Currently doing a foundation course in Art and design in a town i hate with a passion just to get on it. Hopefully this will lead me into getting a job in the game industry itself. The course itself is a lot of fuckin' work and having no friends in this town, and not making any on my course because i'm the only game design freak in the village makes it even harder. I enjoy my job, ripping tickets and selling pick 'n' mix 2 nights a week and the rest of the time i'm usually in Nottingham, or Staffordshire (which i've only been once in the past 2 months unfortunately,). 
But my biggest ambition is just to be happy. Call me soppy but, fuck you. I don't piss on your dreams. If you have dreams i hope that they come true and all that jazz. And no i don't expect anyone to really care about anything i just typed about, unless they're gonna troll about tattoos or the female thing but I just like typing on my laptop. Peace out!
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what the actual fuck

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Mothering fucking tea what what!

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@cstrang said:
" The American fascination with ranch dressing, and why they put it on damn near everything, continues to elude me. "
Amen brother.