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@Dunchad: I do the same things. It's something that I have learned to do through out my life, even if it's not video games. I'm amazed when people don't do that as it's like putting something together without reading the manual. School, family, and games have taught me pay attention to everything.

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I vote based on if I think it is promising. If I'm not sure I don't vote, but if I think it's bad then I vote negative.

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I think there are plates on the floor to protect you from the electricity. Though in this case, I made the same mistake to not have electricity resistance so I relied on bullets and grenades. When she starts going after you, run away until her hunting phase ends and she decides to run around the room again. Endure and you will eventually win.

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Talk about dropping an anvil in the room. This screws more then just people who don't use their accounts or make fakes but also those who don't connect their systems to the internet daily, or use the services once in a while to buy content. Do they still get to use it on their system if it's installed on their? What if they apply this to the operating system? Etherway, it shows that they clearly are having problems with their service if they have to clean accounts every nine months.

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I imagine this is more for clearing up unused gamer tags.

This. Large, network-centric companies have thousands of dormant accounts, and if a user isn't active on a service for three-fourths of a year they probably aren't planning on returning. Might as well free up hosting space and relinquish account names.

That's totally valid and reasonable, but the wording seems to be broader than account names. It reads as though all content associated with the account, including which games you have purchased, would be lost. Loss of a gamertag is fine, but being unable to access stuff that you have purchased legally is pretty rough.

People take breaks from video gaming all the time, even ones as long as 9 months. To lose a gamer tag is fine, but purchased content or even stuff like achievements is kinda rough.

You don't own any of that content. You licensed it. Welcome to the all digital future.

Thankfully we have pirates, ironically enough. This is just going to make piracy worse, which as I said, is ironically beneficial to helping us own the content.

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I'm the type to 100% everything unless it's rediculas or boring. I'm the type that wants to see all of the game. I won't do things such as kill with 1000 explosives which is manly padding or rare luck based.

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@Maginnovision: I forgot that even existed lol. I wouldn't want to lie about my preferences anyway.

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Does anyone understand that "fanboyism" is a completely subjective discussion? Hypocrisy seems like a cop-out when it comes to talking about something like this. People are capable of their own opinions, the only issue that should be addressed is offensive/abusive nature that the immature seem to have. Everyone has a different perspective of a various amount of companies and it's a little silly to think that everything will (or should) be within line of your own reasoning.

I love Blizzard and many will tell me I'm nuts and that I'm silly for being loyal to that company for reason A, B, and C. Oh noes!

You're right. I shouldn't post frivolous opinions on a video game site. And I apologize tone isn't accurately depicted over the internet yet but I'm not angry or outraged, just a little confused at it all. And like @Humanity mentioned earlier with the GB crew's views on the super mario quick look posted recently, "well it's a good game but theres nothing new.. maybe if it had a cape I'd be onboard!". That kind of reasoning seems like a cop-out. But overall I just don't post enough and wanted to interact with my fellow GBers! Mission Accomplished?

The thing here is that your accusing people of not daring to criticize Nintendo which is bluntly false if you look on any message board. Then you back this up with another false statement by saying Nintendo releases the same three franchises every year which is not true. This kind of false facts and statements puts us on the defensive because they are not true. I believe in truth and hate lies. Nintendo fans and myself have our opinions and criticisms of how they do things but we still like them because they have not gone the way of Activision and EA. If Nintendo did that, Everyone including me would jump off that ship. That is why I'm being a bit harsh on you =).

Based on what I have seen, NSMB2 is a weak title that doesn't really do much different. Fans on forums seam to agree with that. That game was worked on by the Newbie team at Nintendo. Regardless of how it could have been different, it still is a solid, quality game. The GB quick look seams to indicate that. That last part about the cape was clearly a joke though.

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Thread De-railing success! Good job guys! You stopped a potential intellectual conversation from happening all. Your parents will be proud!

Yeah because Jay accusing everyone of racism is sure to foster a conversation rife with reason and thought out argument.

I haven't seen all of Jay's threads were he accuses people of racism so I can't say anything on that mater. While he may overreact a bit on this, he is right that what the creative producer said is racist. It's not overt racism but subtle racism. It is kind of implying that there is something wrong or inferior to Japanese way of writing when there is not. I doubt the creative director is a racist person but not being racist doesn't mean you can't say an ignorant or racist comment by accident.

As for the part about journalism being biased towards Japanese games, I don't read much reviews or previews and anything have read, I have probably forgotten. However, based on comments on various websites and articles here and there, it seams very false and probably the opposite.

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Thread De-railing success! Good job guys! You stopped a potential intellectual conversation from happening all. Your parents will be proud!

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@JazGalaxy: What? You saying these things But I don't think you know what they mean.

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Well the biggest difference is that all the complaints about rehashed franchises are based from those which don't delve past their safety net.

Many Nintendo games have established, recognizable characters who cater to gamers of different genres. When people say "Nintendo's making a new Mario game", you don't immediately assume it's going to be a 2D platformer. It could be a 3D platformer, kart racer, sport game, whatever. Switch Mario with Kirby but not so much Zelda and Samus.

When people say "There's gonna be a new Uncharted / G(od/ears) of War", you know exactly what to expect as of this writing.

It's also important to note that Nintendo is always doing something different even if it's subtitle. Changes to the game play, the style, how thing is approached, etc. They don't put out a new game of the same name every year on the same system. I also think that when people complain about Nintendo, they seam to have a bone to pick as their arguments can easily be destroyed. It's strange.

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At first I was slightly indifferent but the more I think about it, the more it seams like a bad idea. Plenty of kids play these games so seeing that promoted get them to want to own guns and/or cause a media hysteria. The thing is that guns in real life don't work like they do in games and plenty of stupid kids are going to think that they know all about guns and want them. It's kind of like selling a product yet lying about it. The media will lynch mob this and EA will deserve it. I personally more have a problem with how EA is advertising the game as a whole rather then just the weapon sponsorships.