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@soup_menu: same results as louiedog on my end. Thanks a bunch for the quick turnaround on that. This will vastly improve my slow work weekends. My device has a different sdcard location and it found it no problem. I'll let you know if anything gets jacked up or anything. Thanks again.

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This app is fantastic except for not being able to specify download locations. It automatically saves to /sdcard which is my onboard flash memory. My sd card is at /storage/extsdcard. As my flash memory is only 4 gigs this means I have to delete everything after I watch it and not be able to download more than one or two if I'm lucky. Note that I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 and I realize it's probably not as simple as just changing something simple.

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Just what we need, twenty goddamned characters to follow you around. Well, I can appreciate having most of them return or at least have valid cameos.

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Meh, ran it anyway.