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I skipped most of what you said about Left Behind in case of getting something spoiled, like I'm ever going to play it. The Fall sounds awesome but I already let the GB GOTY podcasts tell me what happens.

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Been a Patriots fan since I was a little kid and watched them get stomped in the Super Bowl by the Packers. I'm so happy they won it all this year. I suppose I'm a Red Sox and Celtics fan too, but they are both terrible now and I think baseball is boring anyway. Also I can't care at all about the NBA season, it is dragged on for way too long with way too many pointless games. I like the playoffs though.

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I have a similar situation with an old Zelda game, Link's Awakening. I have it for the Gameboy Color, although it is originally a Gameboy game. It is hard! I'm pretty sure I made it to the 6th dungeon, maybe the 5th? I'm not sure, but it completely stumped me to the point where I quit playing. All I can remember is after beating the mid-boss the dungeon rooms would rotate when you went through them, like heading into the next room would send you back to a room you previously were in. I could never figure out how to progress. I think a long time later I looked up a guide how to beat it but never actually went back to play it and now I really have no clue what the guide said. Could be fun for me to bust out the ol' GB color or advance and try to beat it, but I can't even beat a lot of modern day games I own so its probably not even worth the effort trying. I'm glad you were able to finish A Link to the Past, the look of it reminds me a ton of Link's Awakening (obviously) so I bet it is a great game. Actually, isn't this the one everyone says is the best Zelda game?

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The Swapper is great, it's incredibly hard but rewarding. I liked it more than most indie puzzle games because it actually has an interesting story and the art design is unique.

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Brothers is a great game don't hate. Battlefield 4 is lots of fun, it is organized chaos. I think if it wasn't broken for so long people would have enjoyed it a lot more and it would have gotten more recognition for being as good as it is.

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Doing the podcast was a lot of fun, we will have to do some more. I have an idea for one....

I think your write ups this year were maybe your best ever, particularly on Mario Kart and Dark Souls II. I understand more how the 8th Mario Kart can still be a fun game because you explained it so well. This was quite a surprising GOTY.

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Welcome to the world of smart phones where they break constantly, drop your calls, have poor service and are overall not worth the price! I kid (sorta). I'm excited for the Moosies as I am every year, it will be an interesting list of games.

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Nice blog. I have to finish this game but who knows if I will. I get so caught up in respeccing skills and crafting that I never really move the story forward when I play

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@cjduke: Having talked with other people about Inquisition (not specific story stuff, general feelings), I think I might know what you're getting at. But I could be wrong. I know you haven't blogged much lately here on GB (or if you have I've missed it and I'm sorry), but I'd read up a full post on it.

That or I can finish the game before you and you can comment on my blog about it.

Yeah for the past year or two I have only blogged to do my game of the year list. I would like to write up a blog about Inquisition because I have a lot to say about it, particularly how it can be one of my favorite games ever and how I can also dislike so much about it. I don't think I will finish it any time soon though because I spend so much time talking to people, crafting, respeccing skill trees and so on, that when I play the game I'm hardly advancing the storyline. If I don't do a full blog on it I'll certainly talk about it in my game of the year post. Or you will beat it before me and understand what I'm talking about. Or maybe not because if I remember correctly you don't care for the pausing/tactical combat of the older Bioware games. Also it will certainly play better for you with a controller.

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Seasonal depression is very common during this time of year mainly because of the cold but also because it gets dark out at 4:30 and when it is "light" out its mostly dark clouds, snow, and rain. I think everyone gets down this time of year. Fuck the cold.

I would like to play Far Cry 4 for my own game of the year list, but I don't think I will be buying it any time soon. I still have 50+ hours of Dragon Age left which I think is one of the greatest games I've ever played and one of the most disappointing games I've ever played all at once.