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I've known you for quite a long time now and as your friend I am glad you finally feel comfortable in coming out. Off topic-I'm really liking the start of your new book.

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Sorry I ruined the Dark Souls bosses for you! I need to play that game more so I can talk to you about it again.

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I agree with everything you have to say about Dark Souls. I am really missing those ah ha! moments of unlocking a shortcut to an old bonfire.

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I think Tomb Raider was a solid game. I had fun with it, and I think the thing I remember liking the most was how cool some of the environments looked. About to start my Dark Souls II playthrough right now!

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Then do we continue with the Year of Waluigi?

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I'm all for the year of waluigi

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Wow. Great job, great list. You really surprised me too. I thought for sure Metal gear, Saints Row, and Black Flag would be top 3 in some order so I was wrong again! That was by far the best Moosies ever and definitely worth the wait. And it only took me about 48 minutes to read it all. Oh, also I really like your write ups about the games and why you like them so I wished you had written more about Assassin's Creed but I appreciate the Muppets song.

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I laughed when you said you felt bad for Luigi. Anyway, keep your head up! You aren't the only one struggling to find a job and you never know when your novel could take off and be a success. Who knows what's going to happen in life? I guess that is the scary part but also the really amazing part.

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How many wins did you get?

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Can't wait to see the winners!