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Demon's Souls is probably easy now after playing 3 other souls games, but at the time it was brutally difficult. Also I thought the level design was pretty outstanding throughout the entire game.

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I have gone back and forth on buying Axiom Verge for a few days now. I think you helped me decide again buying it. I don't think I would like it enough to warrant the purchase especially when I still have a handful of games to finish.

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OlliOlli 2 is quite hard. I didn't play it for that long, but long enough to know I sucked at the controls

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I'm going to be spending roughly $510 to play Bloodborne so I hope it is good. Also Helldivers looks fun, I appreciate how difficult it is and how funny it is when people drop pods on their own heads.

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I just wanted to see Jeff in person, never mind meet him, but sadly that did not happen. Had a fun time though, got to play a lot of cool games. I really think people should check out Prismata if you like the idea of an RTS thats all macro and no micro. It is really cool and I got an alpha code from playing it. Also I tried Ascension. It is a fun take on Dominion and I'd like to play more of it.

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I skipped most of what you said about Left Behind in case of getting something spoiled, like I'm ever going to play it. The Fall sounds awesome but I already let the GB GOTY podcasts tell me what happens.

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Been a Patriots fan since I was a little kid and watched them get stomped in the Super Bowl by the Packers. I'm so happy they won it all this year. I suppose I'm a Red Sox and Celtics fan too, but they are both terrible now and I think baseball is boring anyway. Also I can't care at all about the NBA season, it is dragged on for way too long with way too many pointless games. I like the playoffs though.

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I have a similar situation with an old Zelda game, Link's Awakening. I have it for the Gameboy Color, although it is originally a Gameboy game. It is hard! I'm pretty sure I made it to the 6th dungeon, maybe the 5th? I'm not sure, but it completely stumped me to the point where I quit playing. All I can remember is after beating the mid-boss the dungeon rooms would rotate when you went through them, like heading into the next room would send you back to a room you previously were in. I could never figure out how to progress. I think a long time later I looked up a guide how to beat it but never actually went back to play it and now I really have no clue what the guide said. Could be fun for me to bust out the ol' GB color or advance and try to beat it, but I can't even beat a lot of modern day games I own so its probably not even worth the effort trying. I'm glad you were able to finish A Link to the Past, the look of it reminds me a ton of Link's Awakening (obviously) so I bet it is a great game. Actually, isn't this the one everyone says is the best Zelda game?

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The Swapper is great, it's incredibly hard but rewarding. I liked it more than most indie puzzle games because it actually has an interesting story and the art design is unique.

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Brothers is a great game don't hate. Battlefield 4 is lots of fun, it is organized chaos. I think if it wasn't broken for so long people would have enjoyed it a lot more and it would have gotten more recognition for being as good as it is.