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A lot of what you said about Destiny is making me want to play it less...sick Luigi drawing though

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In my 10 hours I've spent with Watch_Dogs I've enjoyed it quite a bit. It's nothing spectacular but I like a lot of the idea sit has with the hacking and I think if you choose to play the game stealthily rather than going the Jeff way about playing games and being "efficient" and just using guns because its "easier" then there is a lot of fun to be had in the game.

Hopefully I will have enough money saved where I will feel comfortable being able to buy a PS4 when Destiny comes out and then we can play it together.

Also Hey I read both your books!

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I just finished the game and I loved the story. I have noticed a ton of people on the forums here complaining that they don't understand it or that too much of the important stuff is "hidden" in text and audio logs. I thought the story was a bit confusing at first but then upon reading the text and witnessing the second half of the game I actually understood pretty much all of it. A few more creative ideas were presented on the forums that I agree with. I think the story is really creative and different then a lot of other stories. It was similar to Bastion in a lot of ways (dying world, trying to bring it back to life or leave it how it is) but it is far more ambitious and I think better off for it. There is a lot of stuff left up to interpretation, but also a lot of it is pretty clear in my opinion and I don't see why so many people are complaining about it.

I'm more disappointed in the actual gameplay which is really creative and strategic, but gets incredibly easy during the final 2 hours and doesn't really challenge you with enemy variety. Sure putting the limiters on makes the game crazy difficult, but I was hoping the core game experience would be a bit more challenging. I also think it took far too long to get a substantial amount of functions and passives unlocked and I think it wasn't the best design choice to let the player beat the game without at least unlocking all the functions ( I finished the game without 2 of them unlocked yet). Besides that new game plus seems to be adding more of a challenge with good enemy variety especially now that I am using the limiters.

Overall, I think the game is great, easily one of my favorites of the year so far and one of the best looking games ever made in my opinion. I'm just a bit sad that so many people are complaining about what I think is an awesome story.

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I've known you for quite a long time now and as your friend I am glad you finally feel comfortable in coming out. Off topic-I'm really liking the start of your new book.

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Sorry I ruined the Dark Souls bosses for you! I need to play that game more so I can talk to you about it again.

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I agree with everything you have to say about Dark Souls. I am really missing those ah ha! moments of unlocking a shortcut to an old bonfire.

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I think Tomb Raider was a solid game. I had fun with it, and I think the thing I remember liking the most was how cool some of the environments looked. About to start my Dark Souls II playthrough right now!

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Then do we continue with the Year of Waluigi?

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I'm all for the year of waluigi

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Wow. Great job, great list. You really surprised me too. I thought for sure Metal gear, Saints Row, and Black Flag would be top 3 in some order so I was wrong again! That was by far the best Moosies ever and definitely worth the wait. And it only took me about 48 minutes to read it all. Oh, also I really like your write ups about the games and why you like them so I wished you had written more about Assassin's Creed but I appreciate the Muppets song.