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Brothers is a great game don't hate. Battlefield 4 is lots of fun, it is organized chaos. I think if it wasn't broken for so long people would have enjoyed it a lot more and it would have gotten more recognition for being as good as it is.

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Doing the podcast was a lot of fun, we will have to do some more. I have an idea for one....

I think your write ups this year were maybe your best ever, particularly on Mario Kart and Dark Souls II. I understand more how the 8th Mario Kart can still be a fun game because you explained it so well. This was quite a surprising GOTY.

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Welcome to the world of smart phones where they break constantly, drop your calls, have poor service and are overall not worth the price! I kid (sorta). I'm excited for the Moosies as I am every year, it will be an interesting list of games.

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Nice blog. I have to finish this game but who knows if I will. I get so caught up in respeccing skills and crafting that I never really move the story forward when I play

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@cjduke: Having talked with other people about Inquisition (not specific story stuff, general feelings), I think I might know what you're getting at. But I could be wrong. I know you haven't blogged much lately here on GB (or if you have I've missed it and I'm sorry), but I'd read up a full post on it.

That or I can finish the game before you and you can comment on my blog about it.

Yeah for the past year or two I have only blogged to do my game of the year list. I would like to write up a blog about Inquisition because I have a lot to say about it, particularly how it can be one of my favorite games ever and how I can also dislike so much about it. I don't think I will finish it any time soon though because I spend so much time talking to people, crafting, respeccing skill trees and so on, that when I play the game I'm hardly advancing the storyline. If I don't do a full blog on it I'll certainly talk about it in my game of the year post. Or you will beat it before me and understand what I'm talking about. Or maybe not because if I remember correctly you don't care for the pausing/tactical combat of the older Bioware games. Also it will certainly play better for you with a controller.

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Seasonal depression is very common during this time of year mainly because of the cold but also because it gets dark out at 4:30 and when it is "light" out its mostly dark clouds, snow, and rain. I think everyone gets down this time of year. Fuck the cold.

I would like to play Far Cry 4 for my own game of the year list, but I don't think I will be buying it any time soon. I still have 50+ hours of Dragon Age left which I think is one of the greatest games I've ever played and one of the most disappointing games I've ever played all at once.

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I remember all the animations in Dragon Age Origins seemed to come straight out of Knights of the Old Republic. Made the game feel old to me.

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Pax East should be a lot of fun!

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I thought the movie was great even though the ending was crazy confusing and pretty stupid, but I didn't care that much because hey it was a good movie. The death montages were hilarious and the action was great, even the acting was really good.

As far as Cruise's military/fighting abilities go, sure he wasn't really trained or in fighting shape, but reliving the same battle hundreds of times probably makes your brain pretty good at awareness and how to control your body in combat. Also don't forget hes wearing a futuristic fighting robot suit so that certainly helps his "not in fighting shape" problem.

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I have Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 for the SNES. They are great games and I remember being so amazed at the graphics when I was little. As I got older I came to find out not too many people hold those games in high regard which I found disappointing because I loved them so much (although I never beat them, they were very hard). I also played DK 64, but I never beat that either! Games were hard back in the day (or I was bad at them)!

Since you have played 120 hours of destiny and you seem to have done everything besides beat the final raid boss, I'm interested to see how much content they will be adding to the game and how frequently. For a game that's so structured like an MMO it seems like they did a poor job in preparing for the amount of end game content they were going to need to keep players interested. Hopefully they add more raids for free.