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I notice people going into their homes at night. Sometimes I go to a small town and the blacksmith isn't there at night and I find it annoying. Also as far as the wind blowing while Geralt is in doors, the houses have open windows, which can explain how the wind blows inside. Granted it could just be a bug, but I'm hoping CD Projeckt did it on purpose because the world is VERY windy and I know when my windows are open the wind can really whip through the house. I agree with your other dislikes though, the inventory is poorly done, Repairing equipment is not fun in games at all and a pointless mechanic, and I've always thought their treatment toward women and sex was a bit iffy and I think it has given the impression to people who don't play the games that Geralt is a huge scum bag and a shallow character, which he really isn't. Anyway, great write up.

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I love the fighting in MKX, much more than I liked it in 9. I was practicing a lot with cryomancer subzero because I liked his combos the most of the heroes I had tried for more than a few matches. I actually won some matches online but ended up putting the game aside because there was constant lag and because the towers just weren't grabbing me. They got boring fast and it made me care less and less about the faction war which I still think is an awesome idea. That said I still played the game for around 20-25 hours and had a good time with it. Glad to hear that you want to get good at it, its always fun, challenging, and infuriating to try to be good at a very competitive game.

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Demon's Souls is probably easy now after playing 3 other souls games, but at the time it was brutally difficult. Also I thought the level design was pretty outstanding throughout the entire game.

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I have gone back and forth on buying Axiom Verge for a few days now. I think you helped me decide again buying it. I don't think I would like it enough to warrant the purchase especially when I still have a handful of games to finish.

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OlliOlli 2 is quite hard. I didn't play it for that long, but long enough to know I sucked at the controls

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I'm going to be spending roughly $510 to play Bloodborne so I hope it is good. Also Helldivers looks fun, I appreciate how difficult it is and how funny it is when people drop pods on their own heads.

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I just wanted to see Jeff in person, never mind meet him, but sadly that did not happen. Had a fun time though, got to play a lot of cool games. I really think people should check out Prismata if you like the idea of an RTS thats all macro and no micro. It is really cool and I got an alpha code from playing it. Also I tried Ascension. It is a fun take on Dominion and I'd like to play more of it.

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I skipped most of what you said about Left Behind in case of getting something spoiled, like I'm ever going to play it. The Fall sounds awesome but I already let the GB GOTY podcasts tell me what happens.

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Been a Patriots fan since I was a little kid and watched them get stomped in the Super Bowl by the Packers. I'm so happy they won it all this year. I suppose I'm a Red Sox and Celtics fan too, but they are both terrible now and I think baseball is boring anyway. Also I can't care at all about the NBA season, it is dragged on for way too long with way too many pointless games. I like the playoffs though.