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I feel a great disturbance in the internet. As if thousands of youtubers cry out and then... well they keep crying actually.

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They did somethings like this a while ago with Dave and Alexis, also the Drew's trip to North Korea was kinda like a video podcast. Both of these used the video to some effect greater than just putting the people on camera though. I really don't see GB doing much in the line of video podcasts, outside of the Jar Times, and the odd Patrick Klepek thing that is.

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Can't wait till UPF and quick looks with you guys, by the sounds of it fighting games will get a much better going over now. Good luck to you guys!

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I kind of liked Grandia 2, and remember the story fondly. I have not played it in years and not sure if it holds up though.

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Went back and listened to arrow pointing down podcast #1. It oddly foreshadows many things like Ryan's love of coconut water, and the eventual hiring of Patrick. Man I will miss him and the cool shit he did. Still I feel kinda lucky that I got what I did. Thanks and goodbye!

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Again I say WTF Fez

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Sorry, I was not aware that there was one. I'm some what new to the GB forums.

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Honestly, the last time I ever had anything to do with gamespy anything was playing Quake 2 on gamespy arcade. I'm happy for Rorie I will check out what produces for them. I wonder if gamespy will start movie reviews now.

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I may not be 'hip' with the latest and greatest tech these days, but I can still edit images. I present my humble submission inspired by today's (12/18/2012) front page. I call it "Jersey Jeff."