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RIP man, like losing a friend.

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@dungbootle said:

The guys should take the week off. They could take the month off for all I care. It's a tough thing to process.



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I sent in the gummy worm (and one of the gummy bears) and I remember being thrilled just to hear Ryan say my name.

Fuck I've teared up wayy too much today

Same here, brother...

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COME ON, don't you already know. He's the new member of NCIS: Giant-Bomb : Chicago: Undercover Crimes Unit, the NCISGBCUCU.

Shhhhh, but don't tell anyone but they faked his death before he left San Francisco so he could go to Chicago with his new cover: Rick Manchild.

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Maybe they found a old country physician who patched Joel up with a stern but caring demeanor and a dark past of stitching up any man good or evil according to his unbreakable moral code.

And he is also an alien from Mars, who holds the Matrix Cube. Which Ellie steals to save the moon men from martian tyranny. The moon men high council appoint her queen of the moon, but.... she turns it down for a quiet life with Joel, hunting rabbits & macheting dudes in the face.

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Still my favorite call of duty, but after I beat it on Veteren.....I never want to see that fucking game again.

Yeah, fuck this game on veteran.


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Hijinks Ensure is great. But the episodes are infrequent though, listen first the beginning.