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Games I own, have been meaning to beat, but haven't

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Posted by Topaka

I have the exact same feeling about Final Fantasy... haven't beated them either.
Posted by Count_Zero
Well, actually, I've finally, finally beaten Final Fantasy I, after playing it for fits and starts for years.
Posted by Neon941

I'm with you on Persona 3, it can be a bit of a slog due to the need to plan your social links and the fact that when your main character goes down the game is over. Final Fantasy's not too bad, you just have to commit yourself to it, eventually you'll get good at managing your money and your items and you'll breeze through the game incredibly easilly. Kingdom Hearts is the same deal, eventually you'll wonder why you had any trouble with it in the first place. 
I'm definitely with you on Disgaea, I love that series but I've only managed to finish the main story in Disgaea 3 and that's not counting the extra stuff you can do. Those games really take some serious time investment, mostly to level up your characters.
Posted by angryjedi

Persona 3 is a fantastic game. One of the best stories I've ever had the good fortune to enjoy in an RPG. Persona 4 is also excellent, with an arguably better story. 
If you can make it through a Persona game, you'll definitely be able to make it through an FF, given that they're half the length. :)