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Sucker for games I'll probably never play...

Just Cause 2

Binding of Isaac

Legend of Grimrock

Dear Esther

Orcs Must Die

Only $15-$20, but still...

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Sorry I haven't been around in a while, but yes I did work on Gears of War 3. I've been on here for quite a while, love the format and the achievements quests. Thanks for pointing out this thread, I hope more people contribute.

Currently working on this title

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Appreciate the effort here to comment on our game. The statue is really high quality. We actually have the E3 version (same mold) up in one of our common areas. You can stare right at it and swear it will come alive. It's got stubble and even nose hairs! Insane.

Thanks for supporting the game, I hope you are enjoying it.

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  You'll need the disc in the drive during the entire beta to play.
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" The Bombcast covered exactly this a while ago. And yes, they need to take it off, whether because they finally won (triumphant removal) or because they completely and utterly fail (surrendered removal). "
Maybe he'll take it off in relief that Carmine survived, or in the horror that he didn't ;)
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Bulletstorm stands on its own merits.  It's a fun and unique game experience.  The story is decent enough, but I had fun playing the moderate length campaign.  Of course its set up for a sequel, we'll see what happens with that.  I think, like Halo, the beta codes get people to cast their attention to a game that might otherwise not get as much attention on its own.  How many people thought Crackdown 1 (not 2) was actually a great game?  Personally I never would have noticed it if not for the Halo Beta inclusion.
Bulletstorm... a solid game.  As the OP said, $5 for the Gears triple pack was a nice bonus at Best Buy.

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@LincoIn:   Not this game, not to my knowledge.  Its has a unique touch screen fighting mechanic that is pivotal to the game.  It might translate well, but I don't imagine there are any plans to bring it to XBLA.
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The game is pretty cool.  I'm amazed just how well the Unreal Engine translates to the iOS.  Not sure what it'll be priced at, but I'm sure it will be great regardless.

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Working at the Cary, NC office is definitely something I look forward to each and every day.  Great people, great benefits, and of course working on a great engine/game.  In a time when many companies are going belly up and laying off, we're hiring!  Check it out.
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Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment bring definitive action-RPG gameplay to the Apple mobile platform!


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