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Mine is $62.50. With that, I have purchased (just games, not dlc unless specified):

Super Street Fighter 4: AE (with all costumes), Borderlands, The Witcher 2:EE, Renegade Ops, Metro 2033, Cave Story+, Mirror's Edge, Company of Heroes, and Torchlight.

It will soon be more ifwhen NFS: Hot Pursuit hits the Community Choice sale.

But guys $62.50, thats the cost of ONE new retail game. Just plain crazy.

What has been your damage so far?

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It's not too bad actually. 
I already own most of the games either on steam or on a disc or other system.  
Only as far as I can see it's just 120€ for me, that's nothing really 

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I don't think I will ever play any of them though, too busy watching Day Z youtube videos... Street Fighter is damn good, but I need an arcade stick, the PS3 controllers I have bluetoothed to my PC just are not allowing my to execute repeated hadoukens before getting my head kicked in online.

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So far less I've spent than $20. I've been limiting myself to games that I have never played in the $5 or under sales.

I never expected it to last as long as it has.

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I've bought Secret of the Magic Crystal as a joke gift for a friend, but nobody will accept it. I also bought Renegade ops. If Evochron Mercenary goes on sale I'll get that. Not that much that I want, I've got enough games that I don't play.

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I got everything I wanted, few that came as bonus and two impulse buy.

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Only bought Saints Row 3 for £8.

Not much stuff I wanted really. Except ARMA but that is only like 20% off.

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Had my eye on Deus ex, SR3, Legend of Grimrock and Rayman before the sale started. managed to pick all 4 up plus Alice and Mirrors Edge for less than my £35 budget i set my self.

now all i need is the time to play them, shame time is not on sale

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Around $32. Got everything I wanted, plus a few sweet impulse buys.

Looks like I'm on track to come under my hard limit of $50.

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#11 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

€2 (or was it 1.49?) for Wizorb.

Yep, I'm totally broke at the moment, which FUCKING SUCKS.

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I'm hoping for a last minute ARMA flash sale or community choice sale that will drop it down more, that's really the only thing I am waiting on now, because, well, I gots too many games to play already.

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Spent £32.46 ($50)

Think I might be doing it wrong though as only £10.48 ($16) of that was on myself. The rest was on gifts.

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I should be taking this opportunity for gifting a little too, thanks for reminding me!

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I already have a few hundred games on Steam so a lot of what is being reduced I already own either for PC or something else, chances are I'm picking up Just Cause 2 today though. That'll be my first purchase!

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#16 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

$1.79 - The Polynomial.

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16-18 euros or whatever that I spent on DoW series.. actually was that sale before the summer sale ? Nothing since then

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Nothing so far, I was eyeing up The Walking Dead, but ill probably just buy it at full price a week or 2 before the final episode is out.

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I began with about $25, give or take. Now I have:

  • Age of Empires 3, because I can.
  • GTAIV w/ Liberty City Stories, just so I now officially own all of the polygonal GTA games.
  • Mirror's Edge
  • Sanctum

and I only have 1 cent left. I may need to top it up, but I kind of just want to keep it like that.

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#20 Posted by MachoFantastico (6219 posts) -

Been a good boy and only bought Max Payne 3, might pick up another game at some point but controlling myself. Ha!

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Audiosurf, Bit Trip Runner, Cave Story +, Fallout Collection (Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics), Gish, Half Life, Lone Survivor, Machinarium, Penumbra Pack (Penumbra Overture, Penumbra Black Plague, Penumbra Requiem), the Portal 2 Update DLC thing, Sequence, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Stacking, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Terraria, World of Goo. Plus some other stuff that came in the various indie bundles.

Plus a bunch of copies of Bastion and The Binding of Isaac that I ended up gifting other people.

No clue how much it all was and I'm not sure if I really want to find out?

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#22 Edited by FreakAche (3049 posts) -

$19.75 for Legend of Grimrock, KOTOR, Left 4 Dead 2, Terraria, and Torchlight

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#23 Posted by kagato (1161 posts) -

I just broke the £10 mark, bought Batman Arkham City and Super Streetfighter IV

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Only a fiver. I bought Noitu Love 2, Cave Story+ and Dungeons of Dredmor.

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#25 Posted by Quarters (2541 posts) -

Just Amnesia: The Dark Descent for me. Nothing else really caught my eye, or it's stuff I already had.

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Good god, man. I just looked through my purchases and how am I already 150€ in?! Rayman Origins, Indie Bundle I, Pendulo Pack, Dungeon Siege Pack, Spec Ops, Binary Domain, Tropico 4, Alan Wake, New Vegas DLC.

I need to stop. Only 4 of those were on my wishlist. Driver will be the last one if they sell it for 5€.

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Haven't bought much, only bought games i know i will finish and have fun with. So as it stands right now i have only bought Darkness 2 and Payday: The Heist.

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I bought Alan Wake, Bethesda pack, Fallout 3 GOTY, Borderlands GOTY, LA Noire, Portal 2, Binding of Isaac and Civ5. I spent right around 100 dollars.

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#29 Posted by Chaser324 (8044 posts) -

About $8.00 for Orcs Must Die! and the Binding of Isaac DLC. I was only going to buy the Binding of Isaac DLC, but apparently a $0.75 purchase can't be completed through PayPal.

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#30 Edited by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

I missed most of it because I had to work a 9 hour shift on Friday that got me off at 10:30pm, then I had to be back at 1:00am Saturday morning to work until 6am, then back that same day to work a 28 hour shift at 1:30pm till 5:30 pm Sunday. I then got a few hours sleep and came back Sunday night/Monday morning around 1:00am to work from then util 5:30pm Monday. So for me I really just got the first day of the sale and today.

My biggest purchase was actually on the Valve Store and not in Steam. I bought every bundle of those TF2 class portraits. So now I'm hunting around for cheap 18x24 poster frames as I need 9 of them to mount them all on my wall. So if you include those add another $200 to the total as the frames are looking to be costing me about $120 and the posters were around $70 once you add the fucking crazy $35 valve shipping fee. I'm sure there will be another $20-$30 in border/import taxes too. Having that wall of posers is going to be so nice though.

Here are the games I bought so far. I'm sure there will be a few more after to day.

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#31 Posted by Thoseposers (924 posts) -

Cargo!, The Blackwell Bundle, Indie Bundle II, Max Payne Bundle, Alan Wake Bundle, Dirt 2, The Dream Machine Bundle, Prince of Persia, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate, Pendulo Adventure Pack, Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack, Shoot Many Robots, and Cricket Revolution.

So many games i have no idea how i'll get through them all, this huge list is going to last me for some years i imagine.

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#32 Posted by Capum15 (5650 posts) -

Saints Row: The Third Franchise Pack for $25, GTA IV Complete for $7.50.

Haven't been too interested in much else, or if I have then it seemed still a bit pricey for me.

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#33 Edited by composite (141 posts) -

@CoinMatze: Hate to break it to you, but HOT PURSUIT ISA GONNA WIN!

EDIT: @crusader8463: I love that you used an actual list for this, great idea! I gotta use the lists more.

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#34 Edited by Maginnovision (758 posts) -

Already have most of the games, either on pc or xbox, or ps3. managed 85$ as of now. I've got unreal pack, crysis 2, fable 3, bastion, darkness 2, arkham city, bejewled 3, legend of grimrock, binding of isaac, ghost recon advanced warfighter 2, and saints row the third. I've also bought a ton of dlc for games I've owned and didn't know dlc was out. For the games I bought I got any DLC available also. Still got a few days left though. I'm on disability so I'm buying every last thing I see that I even might want to play(and don't have). I did actually rebuy bastion, already played and beat it on xbox, but figured I'd probably have access to it longer through steam.

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#35 Posted by nintendoeats (6203 posts) -

I don't want to count.

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#36 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (555 posts) -

Limbo and The Binding of Isaac which amounted to about $5. All of the other deals I haven't been interested in.

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#37 Posted by killacam (1341 posts) -

please tell me it isn't only 4 days in.

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#38 Posted by happenstance (517 posts) -

£16.44 so far and thats from:

  • GTA Complete Pack
  • Monkey Island 1+2 Special Editions
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Trine 2

Still quite a few left on my wishlist that im waiting for as well.

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#39 Posted by Maginnovision (758 posts) -

@killacam: Goes until the 22nd

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#40 Posted by killacam (1341 posts) -

@Maginnovision said:

@killacam: Goes until the 22nd

that's for days UN...til. the end.

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#41 Posted by perilator666 (523 posts) -

i bought KOTOR, thats it so far. granted if i didnt own so many steam games to begin with id probably have bought more.

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#42 Posted by butano (1997 posts) -

$30.35, only $10.35 more than I was planning on spending, so I'm doin alright. Picked up:

CKII Sword of Islam DLC, Legend of Grimrock, the Microsoft Flight map packs, and the X Superbox. Having a ton of fun with Terran Conflict right now!

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#43 Posted by Gargantuan (1903 posts) -

I've only bought one indie pack for 9,99 euro. Waiting for  Risen 2

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#44 Posted by Positrark (325 posts) -

Will probably buy NFS:HP today, which would put me at around 100 euros. Got at least a year's worth of games though, and for the price of 2 new ones, that's not bad. I've only bought games I already wanted to play, so I'm pretty happy about it.

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#45 Posted by BaneFireLord (3160 posts) -

$49.10. A total of 7 games and 6 expansion packs. I'm done.

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#46 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -
  • The Witcher : EE
  • The Witcher 2: EE
  • Hitman Blood Money

So thats about 22,50 right now, pretty good.

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#47 Posted by AlexW00d (7443 posts) -

It's actually 5 days in, when today's deals hit in 2 hours, it will be the 6th lot of deals, but anywho; £25.03.

And from it I have;

  • Legend of Grimrock
  • CK2 Sword of Islam
  • Hard Reset EE
  • Trine 2
  • Alan Wake + American Nightmare bundle thing.
  • Harold Lott character for Killing Floor - Based on the Harry Enfield character Loadsamoney.
  • Beat Hazard
  • and lastly, Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.

Not masses of games, but still a decent haul.

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#48 Posted by xMP44x (2227 posts) -

Just under £25, so far. I bought one GTA Complete Collection for myself, one to trade with a Belgian guy who would otherwise have been jipped on the price (got Company of Heroes: Gold and Audiosurf for it since they add to roughly the same value), and one to repay a guy I know for giving me a Battlefield 1943 code for Xbox 360 about two years ago. I do repay my debts, and if I can do it with something decent then why not?.

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#49 Posted by geirr (3261 posts) -

0 for me so far but I already have some of the more interesting titles.

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#50 Edited by DeF (5352 posts) -

Somewhere in the 45 Euro area ... I had to say no to a few other things from my wishlist and I only wanna buy 3 more things (hopefully) to avoid craziness. That's kinda bad considering I didn't want to buy anything initially...

Waiting for the obscure stuff to get 75% discounts (like E.Y.E., Cryostasis or Jade Empire) 'cause they're rarely on sale for that much.

So far I've grabbed

  • Red Faction: Guerilla (2,49)
  • Prince of Persia 2008 (2,49)
  • Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (9,99 - I already had the main game which I won here in a giveaway actually but that's the cheapest way to get the DLC)
  • Q.U.B.E. (3.49)
  • The Walking Dead (14,99)
  • Tropico 4 (7,49)
  • Vessel (3,49)