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I couldn't wait and watched a different LP of MSG4. Let's just say I'm excited.

I mean:

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@odishon: "Fire walk with me" is a direct reference to Twin Peaks. Also Chloe's truck's license plate is TWNPKS.

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Yo, on the topic of Warren being a creep. There's this:

Way to be a super creep, Warren.

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A lot people don't like Warren. I don't blame anyone for not liking him. I don't like him either. To me he seems like the kind of person who would say or think "If I do this for her, she'll have to have sex with me!" and just comes off as kind of creepy. Funny though is that the way he acts isn't too much more desperate than the way I did when I was his age and I bet it's like that for a lot of the men who have played this game. He's a great character because he makes me feel uncomfortable, both from Max's point of view and as a realization of how I must have seemed to certain people at that age.

But fuck him. He's a creep even if well intentioned.

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@trulyalive: I think a lot of the "villains" feel they're in over their heads. That's why she was crying at the end.

I think this episode did a good job humanizing the three "villains" fairly well. There's some conversations you can have with David before going to class that sheds some light on his motivations. He's still a dick head and terrible step father though. Nathan is a scumbag too and apparently according some of the diner folk so is the rest of his family. Doesn't surprise me though.

What did you all do with the train? I tried to do it the less destructive way but thought the big wheel was some how involved and before I realized there were multiple ways I had already saved Chloe.

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I was very disappointed when I looked at "Omega Quintet" and found it had nothing to do with Omega Boost.

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So a tabletop podcast I listen to recently did a playthrough of a game aptly called The World Wide Wrestling RPG. It's more focused on story telling and seems like it would be right up certain members of the crew's alley. Hell, Jeff might even dig it, if was a video game. It could be a great premium series if they had a DM familiar with the rule set.

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@otakugamer: Yeah, he's pretty cool. Very funny guy. All his main solo series are great. Skyrim is a classic. His current series on Fallout 1 and Grim Fandango are both fantastic. He also did a series on Sim City 5, Banished, and a bunch of other city building type games.

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@monkeyking1969: Banished does, indeed, sound more of what you're looking for then. (It's fantastic too.) I will say though, supposedly you'll be able to make small towns and suburban areas. Not just big major cities. They also simulate all the people (up to 1mil) and you could supposedly follow them around on their day-to-day lives.

But for right Banished seems your best bet.

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Here's a stream archive with some dev commentary.

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