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So sad to hear this terrible news. Condolences to Ryan's wife, family, and friends.

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I have a similar issue. I cancelled my premium subscription well before my renewal date (prior to the site reboot which may be the issue) to make sure I was not charged for another year. Nothing personal, the site just isn't for me anymore. Just moving on. Naturally, I was charged for another year. Of course messages and emails are conveniently not being returned. Looks like I'm out $50 but I guarantee you I'll be cancelling this credit card before CBSi takes any more of my money without permission.

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Cage probably wishes everyone would ignore his games deficiencies the same way they ignore the Walking Dead's.

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Very disappointed in the checkpoint system. I almost bought this game but wisely rented it first. The checkpoints are pointless (no pun intended). Respawning the enemies I just killed? What the hell did I bother activating a checkpoint for? I'm not big on redoing things over in my games so it looks like this is going straight back to Gamefly.

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Gotta say I'm with the OP. I know, I know... Get better at gamez noob, lol. I have no problem with hard games, Dark Souls was my GOTY last year, but I'm only in the prelude and getting nowhere with these dreadful controls. Comparing these poor controls to the intricate precision of Dark Souls' layout is a joke. Fuck this turd. Glad I only wasted $5 on this...

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Here's mine. Not flashy, just simple and effective.

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  • Amputated Lee's Arm - Didn't think it would matter but I figured I was fucked regardless and had to throw the Hail Mary.
  • Didn't lose my temper with Kenny - I loathed Kenny throughout the series but I smoothed things over a bit with him in the end.
  • Didn't Surrender my weapons - Yeah right, that's not gonna happen.
  • Didn't Kill the stranger - Didn't want Clem to see me do that.
  • Told Clem to leave Lee - No way I was going to have Clem do that. Once Lee was cuffed, he was no longer a threat. Good enough.

In the end - Helluva game. Not my GOTY but easily top three and a day one buy for the next series.

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I thought the campaign was great. But I've read all the Halo books (particularly Cryptum) so I wasn't saying "Who the fuck is that?" when the Didact and Librarian showed up. I can see where most people would be lost though. A pretty bold choice by 343 to not hold the hands of the casual fans and aim the story at the hardcore fans of the lore. I also loved all the corny Cortana/Chief stuff. I'm a bit of a softie I guess. That said, I'm confident that Cortana and the Didact be back will be down the line. All in all, a totally satisfying experience.

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I've had a few laggy matches but nothing all that bad.

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I disagree with the wall of text.