A response to calls of Bias

As anyone can see from my profile, blogging is not a common reason for going to this site; simply put, it is for Games. This website is different in the fact that unlike most recognised gaming websites (of which I still ferverently visit), it is written by the owners and everything is for the owner and his 3 co-workers love of video games.
Therefore unlike other gaming websites, this website has an ethos of giving opinions and no company-lead bullsh1t as other websites do.

And so onto my point, which I shall try to keep brief: Giant Bomb is not Biased towards Microsoft in the slightest, as many patrons of Giant Bomb are suggesting. The dictionary definition of Bias is: a particular tendency or inclination that prevents unprejudiced consideration of a question.

And Giant Bomb is not, as far as I can see in accordance with the definition of Bias. The reasons for the calls of Bias from some of the community, is that during the past few days, more has been made by the crew on Microsoft and their announcements, than anything from Sony or Nintendo. And if you look at the surface, these people are right. There was an hour and a half spent on Microsoft and two hours split on Nintendo and Sony, on Monday and Tuesday's bombcast respectivly. And there may well have been a bit more enthusiasm about Microsoft.

BUT, in fact not only was there another press confernece covered on Monday, there were two. So okay that Microsoft got an hour, thats what Sony and Nintendo got too. And as for tone, Nintendo weren't really intresting (as always) and Sony, well Sony had already had all of the big info leaked. Indeed, both Sony and Nintendo got given the same amount of time for their content, and both had less to talk about which was NEW. I am a Sony fanboy, and although thinking Sony's press conference was the best (as with Vinny), I found that watching Microsofts, there was far more NEW news. The PSP GO, had been talked about on last weeks podcast, and if anything said wasn't up to the energised standards some people are expecting, then that can be blamed on exhaustion of walking around all day on the show floor itself (whereas on Monday they were just sitting in press confrences).

If my opinion counts, here it is, Sony's press confrenece was the best for content, but simply for surprises and things being there which needed to be, Microsoft's was better on that front. And come on guys, if someone wants to say they prefer playing games on their 360/PS3/Wii, then respect their judgement and ability to still respect other consoles.


The Wishy-washy E3 biz & endless turmoil...

What will E3 bring us this year. Last year we were struck by Sony with MAG, more renewable PSP's and a montage of games - only a few of which I actually parted with my cash for. Microsoft gave us a lot of DLC and Lips - something no one should ever play; and Nintendo were the wishy-washy part, they proceeded to wow us with music...

Now for this year, and I want something big. No console needs to be announced, no service needs to be thrust upon us, the only thing needed is for Hideo Kojima to stand up there and announce whatever he wants to say. Jack Tretton can stand up and announce the PSP2 (I don't actually think it's coming yet) or Reggie can tell us all about the intuative use of the wii-mote in rapelay party. This years E3 has the ability to be a massive redux towards the old, and if that Japenese master gets on that stage and tells us MGS5 is on the way, at last, I may be satisfied.

The only other thing is if a new GTA was shown, but possibly not... yet.

Oh, and Revision completly sucks.

Used Games

Here in England, the used games market is really not as big as over in the States, but when you do see it, the prices really aren't very low. I go into HMV and the "re/play" section has about 10 games in it, go onto Amazon and their marketplace used games are only about 40% off in the best cases.

The only real bargins that you can get, occurs about 6 months after release; but these deals are all for new games, and the best games sold used about a year after release, aren't much less than new games, so what is the point paying for almost as expensive used games.

So in total, I see no reason why used games can ever become a problem in the UK, and I don't think that the mindset is there for used games to become the norm for most of the population.


Really Bored...

...So I came up with a song

Jeff .... decided oh one day to build a giant crazy massive bomb
it turned out to be just what you were waiting for thoes days so long
he found Ryan and Dave and got them working on his massive plan
It ended with this website full of games and Brad and Vinny too.

Dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur duuur

We all came flocking to this site to and caught them in their perfect light
but that sounds like I rather fancy all of them and quite I might
Indeed they are the pioneers of this website in all its might
But one thing will stop me it is their hate of lucozade and sprite

Dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur duuur

The test then came with a-d-verts and us complaining of Gears two
but then it was five starred and we felt like we could have a good mood
Vinny made his videos and "lol" "rot-fl" all the way home
And now I'll end with videos of the week and Cobra Eleven...


My Games of Feb 2009

Killzone 2 ... nuff said.
Will Flower come out this month???

Oh, and as of writing there is STILL no update for the winter transfers for fifa - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I will play the hell out of that game again when it comes out.

Oh - and even though I can't play it (go to someones house) Lost and Dammed is intresting just for what they can do... but i would laugh if Sony scraped together enough cash to make the next full GTA PS3 exclusive - wow thats somewhat bitchy...

My big games of '09.

For big shooters there is nothing bigger on my horison than Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, they should really be good going on the footage and whats been before respectively.

In Sports; I'm still crossing my fingers for a updated Cricket or Rugby game from EA for the big (PS3/360) systems or indeed the PSP. FIFA could be brilliant this year if they improve on FIFA 09 and I'd be intrested on what could come as DLC for that (more leagues / competitions / teams) as the season progreses and we learn of the teams in the Club World cup and Champs League: African Nations cup could also be in there - that would be really fun.

Also if there's any more developments on Heavy rain I'll be listening in closely - that looks very intresting.
DLC for GTA4 could be good - intresting to see how regular it gets and if some other GTA comes to PSP.

I think thats it  - probably forgot somthing big but this is good enough.

EDIT: ??? How did I forget COD MW2 (or whatever they call it) and Bioshock 2. Should be a good year.

1000 points

How can I describe Giant Bomb. A wikipedia for games, ok. A bank of usefull and down right useless information, probably. A great website, yes.

I noticed that since so many people already have 1000 points, this website is really a new way to show games off. Instead of four editors, a camera, a couple of microphones and a website design team, which is what the blog was. This is thousands of users (I'm scared to count them all) and the previous things. Meaning someone will have a new insight, someone will always provide a different opinion. And this is what I think everyone wants from a video game website. Well done J R B V and interns and designers.

But I have just realised this has taken time out of my busy editing time, must fly, in only 1/20 the way to 1000.