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INAC should be re-named "Fragtrap", as it's established in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that the playable Claptrap is the same robot who served as the boss in the "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution" DLC for the original Borderlands, so the existing page should be updated with new information rather than having a new page created for Fragtrap.

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It would be great if the alias "Metal Gear Mk. III" could be added to Metal Gear Mk. II, since the same page discusses both versions of the machine.

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@development said:

Nah. If we throw enough ice cubes at it it'll be fine. I don't know about you, but I'd rather live a billion years than 60-90.

Fuckin' A, man, Fuckin' A. I for one intend to live forever, and I think that plan's going pretty well so far.

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@sethphotopoulos: No, they marketed it as a PS3 exclusive, but I remember for a fact that they also offered it as a pre-order incentive for the Steam version, and which I was most disappointed not to receive with my pre-ordered physical copy.

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Hey, I just finished Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD, and as I'm preparing to go back to Black Flag I thought it would be fun to get that Aveline de Grandpre themed DLC for the game. But I look through the Uplay store, and I can't see a way to actually purchase the Aveline mission after the fact; there's a bunch of multiplayer character packs, some item unlocks, some cheatsy packs, and of course the Freedom Cry mini-campaign, but no sign of Aveline. I remember that it was a pre-order bonus, at least on Steam, so I was thinking it might get unlocked if I buy the DLC season pass, but I wouldn't want to spend the dollaridoos on that if I didn't have to.

So can anybody tell me how I go about getting my hands on the Aveline content for ACIV at this point? :P

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Assassin Order --> "Brotherhood of Assassins"

While the villainous Templars from Assassin's Creed are officially known as the Templar Order, the heroic Assassins are referred to as the Assassin Brotherhood, or more properly, the Brotherhood of Assassins.

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@jackalol said:

@kaijuuninpo said:

Nothing good lasts forever unfortunately. Hopefully some new twitch-like service will come from out of nowhere and people will just migrate to that.

That's probably the most likely scenario. Or they backpedal hard on this new policy, after realizing how ridiculous it is.(probably not as likely)

Well hey, never say never, Microsoft backed off on the features that were going to cripple the Xbone after all, and they hate change for the consumer's sake.

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Doom 4 --> "Doom"

"Doom 4" was the working title, and it has now been publicly announced, both through the Wolfenstein: The New Order-related beta and through the E3 teaser trailer, that the game's actual title is just "Doom".

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Could have sworn I already responded to this, thanking you guys for the help and the unexpected thoughtful analysis. Oh well, rectified! Thanks guys!

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Absolutely outstanding. Ryan would have loved this. n_n

Happy Birthday Ryan, you were, and still are, the greatest duder of them all.