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Ah. I was waiting for something like this!

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Guess I'll add my name to this list. Yo, any Australians here? Hit me up. I'm fairly good at not dying.
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After hearing about the Shadow Yukiko nerf, I decided to pick Hard. It's not even as hard as I remember Vanilla P4's Normal being, save for occasionally getting one-shot by exploding dice. That "restart on current floor" mechanic they added is a godsend, though.

I hear the only difference between Hard and Very Hard was that they took away that, and you had to re-load whenever you wiped. Is it actually any harder?

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Regarding the very ending:

Had Akane ended by straight up calling you "Blick Winkel", I would have forgiven everything about how much the game was setting up a sequel.

That would have been the greatest thing, and I would be calling it GOTY right now.

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Cu Chulainn.

Though that choice may have been influenced by other media..

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Where can I get this!? It'll be up on Amazon soon enough, won't it?

I want to be able to throw my money at it before they're all gone.

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I think I'll bend the box layout, blazblue-style:

a c d


The way the buttons on my stick are laid out make hitting burst (a+c+d) way too awkward otherwise.

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Man, could you imagine Dissidia tournaments? They'd be an absolute mess.

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Arrgh, this sucks so bad. I just wanna play the game when it comes out, not have to wait like a million years for it to come out in Europe/Australia.


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I just hope that the English voices won't be too obnoxious while fighting.

..Though I don't think anything can ever top Bang Shishigami's "HOW CAN THIS BEEEEE~!!"