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I've watched hundreds of F1 races and I don't feel qualified to answer most of those questions. But I love that Drew is getting into this!

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@kylekrane said:


1reasonwhy because my male colleagues are allowed to occasionally be obnoxious, silly, immature, annoying, drunk. i'm not.

Did she really say that? I wish I had her amount of irrational confidence. How about taking a little bit of responsibility for your actions, instead of always finding excuses.

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love the tricked up name Heironymous instead of Hironimus

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Gbaby from the Ron and Fez show was there?

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Loved Jeff Green's opinion on CivV, even though I did get into the game and enjoyed it in the end. Some of the magic has certainly been ironed out of the series with this last release.

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Brad how do you manage not to roll your eyes or laugh when people say "I play SC2 for the singleplayer campaign". When really the competition against other humans is 90% of the fun of this perfectly designed stretegy game. You dont have to be a top 1000 player in world to understand the excitement of getting better at something, even if it's a silly video game.

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Oh nooo!!! I cannot download this video. :..(

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Give me some lighthearted American cultural ignorance presented in a fun way over your sulkiness any day, Meowayne. And let's face it, we made the Bloodhound gang into multimillionaires. We have no one to blame but ourselves.