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That sounds amazing, and is precisely why I would like to see giantbomb take a more in depth look at the game mode. Just standing in Kavala square for a minute or two will provide enough material for a quick look without the need of fast tracking to "end game" activities.

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I was rewatching the ARMA III quicklook and the Altis Life portion was Hilarious, I was wondering if the crew had any plans of revisiting this weird game mode. Ive tried playing it and the RP elements of the game have alot of potential for some really ridiculous moments. Anyone else think this game mode deserves its own video or perhaps series?

Here is a quick look link for the Altis Life Portion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUzb6iqsEGI

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game grumps

jon tron

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There is a little truth to it. Gaming can be an intrusive hobby. Sometimes it can lead to an inordinate amount of time spent playing rather than doing something productive, like not playing games all day.

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Super Gravity Gun jumps to mind.

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Garrysmod - Kerbal Space Program - Starcraft 2 Arcade

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@Butler: I remember hearing that too. I think it's a ridiculous thing to say. not everyone is like Jeff, in fact most people hardly have time for games. To have a game that you have been looking forward to playing spoiled to you is a terrible experience. I think he is just so far removed from this mindset that he thinks its your own fault for listening to game discussion.Even for the purposes of living vicariously through people, who have time to consume an overwhelming amount of media.

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i watited

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This is shocking that a majority of you would say yes 63%yes 37%no.

the correct answer is no

Why would you want to experience this?!

where do you people draw the line?

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why does everything always leak. unless it's intentional..then it should be called strategic preemptive hype drops.