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This trailer makes me wish it was a JSR style game, but I know its a Hatsune Miku game.

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@biggiedubs: I get the feeling they dont know what to do with superfly and having him be shitty towards sexy is something for her to do until they set up her next story. And Pentagon needs no one, he works the same way Crow Sting did in the 90's hes more badass because he stands alone.

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So, I'm not a reality show guy. From this weeks Cheap Heat, they said Tough Enough was pretty bad while others, like Matt Fowler at IGN, have said there are some good parts to it. Is it worth checking out or should I keep up my no reality show lifestyle?

If you care about wrestling at all its probably skip able the winners of TE almost never do anything for the company that's worth mentioning. Except that time Maven drop kicked the undertaker...

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@dizzyhippos: No shame in liking him. Dude is a great talent and WWE screwed up by not hiring him after Tough Enough.

didnt he fuck up his knee during tough enough?

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@drdarkstryfe: Hope so, though if there going to lose anyone I wouldnt miss Fernandez all that much.

Also 1Million

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I love Marty the Moth and I dont care who knows it

Now lets see how long it takes the thread to break and be remade

And in much better twitter news Okada as ice cream is pretty great.

And in MUCH MUCH funnier news, apparently Vince Russo was offering his "services" to TNA free of charge and he doesn't understand why they said FUCK NO

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Sexy Star vs Superfly was definitely awkward and I hope they don't do it again. Those two just don't have any chemistry, and sexy needs to stop doing that crossbody to the outside she undershoots it every time.

That 4 way match was pretty good (I love Marty the Moth and I dont care who knows it), as was the Pentagon Jr. stuff.

Drago vs Mil was a foregone conclusion so that took a lot of the steam out of it for me (even with Fernandez pulling a Rick Rude).

The highlight was definitely the trio's training scene, I love the implication that Mil is made up of the DoD fused into one body.

It is slightly worrying that a member of the Lucha Underground roster showed up on another show, I wonder if people are starting to worry that LU isnt going to get renewed and are trying to get out of there contracts.

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Hernandez pulled a Rick Rude in 2015 that is HILARIOUS

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@drdarkstryfe said:

Meltzer is reporting that Kidd is having surgery tomorrow, and will be out 14 months. The surgery is similar to the one that Edge and Stone Cold had.

At his age, that might be a career killer.

FUCK THIS if true. Tyson Kidd was finally on a killer run and he and Cesaro had great momentum. People were chanting his name. Goddammit.

well we know what the main story of total diva's will be next season.

On a slightly more positive note, 2 of the 3 matches for LU tonight are out there Sexy star vs Superfly, and a 4 way match for "something special" which I assume will be one of the medallions, with cage and the moth being in it

Also drago will probably be murdered

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I mean the simple answer to all of this is, if you dont like it dont buy it.

Its a bummer to see dev's being kinda shitty but if you dont like them dont support there games.

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@meatball: I am just super tired of the authority story in general, they have worn it so thin and its not that hard to think of other ways they could of gone about it.