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Why is it every time danny pulls some random prediction jokingly out of his ass it comes true?

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What?! Alonso should get pushed back atleast 4 more cars, look at that replay. He just goes straight compared to everyone else. Some Alonso bias by the judges there.

They are a lot more lenient on that sort of thing on the first lap. The start of the race normally such a mess and combine that with the fact the brakes are cold it would be harsh to punish them too much.

Isnt it also contingent on if he gains positional advantage? he was more or less where he was when he came back on

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Is it just me or is everyone going really wide on the turns today

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@asmo917: It didn't seem to be that bad to me but I was half paying attention to it. I was more annoyed about the, I am talking about the race then suddenly commercial! transitions

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A little dull, but that final corner, holy shit.

pretty much sums up that race. I dont know if he tried to turn into him or just lost him, but it seemed like he was looking to the right and then swerved to see him.

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If this were a console launch version of the game I could see cutting them some slack. But they took an extra year to make this game and still somehow managed to cut almost everything that put the NHL series on par with the NBA2K series.

I was pissed about amazon not letting me use points to pre order games but now I feel I owe them a thank you for stopping me.

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Because they didnt want to leave people with a plot hole to pick at.

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@splodge: I know that but S2 has already had one of there game's destroyed by the dota effect, they could exist pre-dota2 because there game was the closest thing to dota ass dota.

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They reduce toxicity by making it a bad game no one wants to play.

Players can't be toxic if there are none.

This. I cant believe S2 are naive enough to think this game can do anything when HoN is on its last legs.