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Because there needs to be a 3rd game that can be described as assasssins creedy this year. Hope its good for those that want it but looks kinda meh, hope I am proved wrong

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That's a great deal, welcome to next gen where we all wait for September

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@loki_16 said:

The game knows is stupid and it works.

Atlus is definitely aware of the stupidity in this game (I mean that in the best way possible), at one point I was able to choose "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" as a response to a question. Though I cant shake my head hard enough at the both of the Classmating songs.

Seems like this is a firm case of "because Japan" which there isn't nearly enough of in games these days

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So to sum things up the vita version looks prettier and may run a bit smoother but both versions are fine. Assuming of coarse that the 3DS demo is as such because of nintendo network restrictions and not because its less of a game.

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Hey @rorie, are polls being weird again? Or are polls another thing on the list of stuff that is somewhat behind due to caching issues?

Right now, with 37 votes on this poll, one option has 16% and the other has 81%. I'm no mathematician, but that's only 97%.

The polls are clearly in metric

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@flappy said:
@dizzyhippos said:

@flappy said:

The Vita version is pretty. Very, very pretty.

someone clearly missed the part in the demo about comic ladies :D

Comic ladies? That sounds like a topic that a teacher would be familiar with.

Nah its more her brothers area of expertise

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@flappy said:

The Vita version is pretty. Very, very pretty.

someone clearly missed the part in the demo about comic ladies :D

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@bocam: Yes but its in japanese so I dont understand it :D

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I cant of been the only one to notice that babymetal has a skullomania band behind them right?

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I played both versions of the demo and am definitely leaning towards the vita version, even though they are 2 very different demos I am sure the game will more or less be the same on both the vita one may just look nicer/run smoother. Though I will say the text seemed small but still totally readable on my 3DS OG which makes me wonder if they made it for the XL since it seems like most people traded up to that one. Game looks interesting if nothing else which is reason enough for me to pick it up. Combat is a little weird at first but seems simple enough to grasp. I still really dislike the voice acting but I may just have a super low tolerance for English voice acting in Japanese games, especially when the original dub isn't included for some reason (which is apparently the case with this game). If nothing else seems like a good enough time killer till mind0 comes out in may. Though how did this thread get into the teens without anyone bringing up the amazingly bad music when a star child is born.

@pepsiman: I hope your right about the tonal stuff, I have a high tolerance for animeness but the game you described sounds much more interesting.

@metalsnakezero: Your probably right about the vita version being the way to go but I wouldn't write off the 3ds version just yet. They may of had to condense the demo on that platform for some nintendo rules about demos, the vita version of that demo took like 45 minutes to download and was 600meg while the 3ds version only took like 5 minutes and was 1000 blocks whatever that means.