Oh hi, what's going on in this blog?

Oh man, this thing is still here? Not quite sure why I neglected it for so long. I think I'll get back into the swing of things by talking about some of the games I've gotten recently. Just like the good old days.

Fable 2
Fable 2

Of all the games I've gotten recently, this is the one that's gotten the most love. I thought the original Fable was ok, but there wasn't enough there to make me see it though to the end. The sequel, however, is shaping up to be a different story. It feels like the game has taken the best parts of MMOs and third person action games and made a game that has solid story and combat but also gives you things to do out side of the story and the ability to interact with other players. My second night with the game, all I did was chop wood and buy up property and I had a blast. In what other game world can you go from lowly wood cutter to real estate mogul in an afternoon? I know I usually say this in my other posts months ago, but I do plan to do a review of this one.

Dead Space

Dead Space

This one kind of got pushed to the side when Fable 2 came out but I've enjoyed it none the less. I'm only on chapter 4 so far and the game really hasn't got a good scare out of me, but it does have one hell of a creepy vibe. I'd say the game plays like Resident Evil 4 with one HUGE improvement; you can move while aiming. Revolutionary, I know. Now I'm not one to nit-pick and maybe this is explained later in the game, but why is it that a headshot does jack shit but if I shoot the things arms off it drops like a rock? Loose a head, not a big deal. Get your arms cut off, however, and it's instadeath. What the crap? Also Firefox isn't correcting me on "instadeath" so I guess that's acually a word. Weird. Here's another one I hope to review. In fact, if I talk about a game, let's just assume I'm going to review it at some point in the future.

Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2

I was a huge fan of the original Saints Row and this definatly feels like more of the same. I like that it's trying to pull away from it's GTA comparisons and go it's own direction. I've had my crime drama quota filled for the year, now I just want some silly gang violence. Not much more to say about this one as I haven't played a lot of it due to Fable 2 being so awesome.


Games for the week of July 27

Geometry Wars 2
So I wanted to make this a weekly thing I did where I'd buy a game, spend a day playing it then report back with my impressions. Well this week had some money and television problems conspired against me and thus the only game I got was Geometry Wars 2. That's cool though, as it's a pretty damn awesome game that I could go on for a while about.

The original Geometry Wars was one of the very first 360 games I played and I was hooked for weeks. It blew my mind that I had this brand new, next-gen console and all I wanted to play was a game that basically amounted to a throwback to Robotron and Tempest. Here it is about three years later and I'm still crazy about it. The original only had one mode though. This game's got six. What the hell, guys? Six modes? Are you trying to fucking kill me here? Clearly breaking my sanity was part of this games design doc because score beating goodness of this magnitude is enough to keep me locked in my room for weeks chasing after that ever elusive higher score. Maybe I'll get a review going on this one. I keep saying that but I swear, the reviews will be written.

Another game I've been giving a good bit of time to this week is Jeanne D'arc. I picked up last week but only just now am I giving it a solid go. Right off the bat I'll admit to not being all that crazy about tactical RPGs. However, all the hype this game got meant I just had to pick it up. So far this game is looking to be an excellent starting point for a novice player like myself. It starts you off with only three distinct players instead of the dozens of generic swordsmen and archers you usually have access to in these games. I understand that my experience in the genre is slim but from the few other games I've tried, I've generally started out with a bunch of nameless bodies that I have no real connection to and generally don't really care if they live or die. In this one my tactics include names like "Hmm, I need to sit Liane in the back so she can heal unharmed." or "Bartrand needs to come up from the side and set Roger up for a burning aura attack". Having characters that have an actual background and real impact on the story greatly increase my enjoyment of a game.

Next week I'll probably be picking up Soul Calibur 4. For reals this time. That and a set of these babies most likely. Also I was wondering if I should make another weekly post about my comic purchases. I know that's more of a Comicvine sort of thing, but I don't really feel like maintaining two blogs. One of which I'd only use to post about comics in a place where I'm sure no one would see.

I'm a thousandaire

Is that a word? Like seriously, could I find that in Webster's? Is there a hundredaire? Well Firefox says it's not a word. Anyways, I digress.

So I got done listening to the Bomb Cast and decide to check out my profile and OH SNAP, I've got a thousand points. So that's awesome.



Games for the week of 7/21/08: Oh-God-What-Have-I-Done Edition

So I walked into the Best Buy yesterday fully intent on picking up an MP3 player. iPod, Zune, whatever, I was going to get an MP3 player. Well for whatever reason I actually walked out of there with a God of War edition PSP and copies of Space Invaders Extreme and Patapon. Not content with that little monetary splurge I headed down to Gamestop and picked up Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, J'eanne D'arc and Loco Roco used on the cheap. Something is obviously wrong with me. Mentally, I might be a little out of it. But hey, who can argue with more games?

Space Invaders Extreme

So far, I've only really played Space Invaders Extreame, Loco Roco and MGS: Portable Ops. Space Invaders Extreame is pretty damn awesome and I'm glad I held off from buying the DS version. It's like Space Invaders and Lumines had a some bastard love child who also liked to play minigames. It reminds me a lot of Pac Man: Championship Edition in the way that it's brought Space Invaders into the modern day with out losing what made it Space Invaders in the first place. You still shoot at slowly decending space monsters but now you do it with crazy power ups. Anyways I'll save the rest of my thoughts for some future review I may or may not write.
Loco Roco

Loco Roco's a game I'd already played to death on the PS3 but I figured it was probabaly much more interesting with some sort of  level sturcture and not just the free from one-giant-level thing the PS3 version had. Wouldn't you know it, I was right. These damn Loco Rocos are just so fucking adorable with their singing and little Yoshi-esqe noises they make when they jump. The music has infested my mind also. Even as I type this, I've got the main title song from the game adoreably stuck in my head. OH GOD MAKE IT STOP....ahem. Anyway, that game's all right.
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

As for Metal Gear, I barely touched it, but one thing I can say is that it's definatly Metal Gear. For better or worse. I'm not crazy about the sketch book style cutscenes. I think it would look much cooler if it had some type of coloring to it like in the actual MGS grapic novel. I've only put in about twenty minutes on it though so I can't really comment much on the game itself.


Games for the week of 7/21/08

This week's only purchase, so far, was Final Fantasy IV on the DS. Back on the SNES, this was the first RPG that I just absolutely fell in love with. The characters, the music,

Final Fantasy IV
gameplay, this game had it all. Plus the ever classic line "You spoony bard". So far FFIV on the DS has retained everything I loved about the original and brought it lovingly into the modern day. They've thrown some fancy 3D in there and have redone the soundtrack to make it even more epic, something I wouldn't have belived possible. The voice acting has brought a few revelations into my world. Like would you belive that Cecil is pronounced CESS-CEL and not SEA-SIL or that Rydia is pronouced RID-IA and not RIDE-IA. This has just blown my mind and changed my entire world veiw. Maybe once I finish the game I'll throw a review up.

Next week I'll probably be picking up Soul Caliber IV. There sure are a lot of "IV"'s coming out lately. More on that next time.

Also, why is it that the text never seems to wrap around these pictures the way you want it to? It would be nice if I could just plop it anywhere in the post that I wanted and the text would wrap aproperately.


Obligatory First Day Post

Everyone else is doing it, so why not me? So like everyone else I've been totally digging Giant Bomb and going crazy with the page editing stuff. I've gone from editing the crate page to submitting Toad for the character database. And by the way, how was Toad not in there in the first place? I mean, dude, it's F'n Toad. Recognize....Anyway, I've noticed that most of my submissions have been in the vein of the Mario franchise so far. I figure this will be my routine. I'll exhaust my knowledge on one game series then move on the the next leaving wisdom and knowledge in my wake. ALL SHALL TREMBLE...and learn...I guess. Whatever.

So I just noticed that below that little text box dealie below it says "Type pages on comicvine you feel this post is relevant to...". Someone should probably get to work on that.