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My favorites haven't changed from the original. Assault and Gunner FTW. I do like karl though. And the gunslinger because I spec in to the debuff skill first and just be a nuisance to pros.

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@Soviet666 said:

Why is the obvious game not triggering the 14 years quest? Is it just me?

You can't do that one yet. That'll be the last one that can be done.

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On a side note, I thought it was weird that the art for God Complex is a magic the gathering card.

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Why the hell does wipeout HD not count as a HD remake?

EDIT: Disregard this. There's nothing here.

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@Nottle said:

Yeah, they made changes that weren't necessary. I was actually replaying these games, and I'm around the middle of mass effect 2. I played Mass Effect 1, 3 times and really liked how overpowered the Adept became. It was a delight seeing my singularity flinging around a dozen mercs. In ME2 you have that universal cool down timer, which gets better but I really like just casting warp, singularity, lift, stasis and push right after each other, I was untouchable in ME1. I liked how I began as a weakling in ME1, but eventually became a badass capable of hitting things miles away with an assault rifle that never overheated,

Also the party members have like 4 skills in ME2 compared to the large amount they had in ME1.

I hated that about ME1. When you're throwing everyone in the sky and then blasting them with a shotgun, it gets boring, as ridiculous as that sounds. And the vanguard upgrades from 1 to 2 were amazing. Being able to just fly into people and then just blast them was awesome.

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@TheFreeMan: It makes some sense. She is a follower in the order of ecclesia.

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In BC2 I played on war tapes because it has funny lines. There's one that's like "Once this is over, can we get ice cream?" The swearing hasn't seemed like a huge issue to me. It makes the game funnier, and I'm all for that.

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@Atramentous said:

Comic books are also for jerks.


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@tekmojo: I was super confused why there was a dinosaur figure in the avatar items for battlefield 3. That sounds ridiculous but plausible.

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Insanity runs can be done (kinda) well with vanguards. If you spec into shield regen when you charge and use the shotgun you get if you have the cerberus network, you can cut off the infinite spawn areas that happen a lot in the game and do crazy damage. And since guns do tons of damage at melee range, charging and then shotgunning guys does crazy damage. Also, if you buy one of the weapon packs, you get an awesome rifle, a pretty good pistol, and a badass geth shotgun that charges up.

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